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The Secret To Introducing Yourself In An Email

The number of email users was forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion in 2019. Email is evidently becoming more popular and more important for personal and business use. 

Given how popular email is, it’s incredibly important now more than ever to know how to write an email. But instead of just jumping into how to write an entire personal or business email, it’s important to remember the basics.

Introducing yourself in an email is really important, especially in business. 

If you agonize for hours over email introductions, then fret not because mastering intros is easier than ever. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to introduce yourself in email. 

A Simple Guide to Introducing Yourself in an Email

The first part anyone ever sees of an email is a subject line. You need a subject line that demands the attention of the recipient. A great subject line typically involves being specific and direct. 

One example of a great subject line is including the name. You are making it personal by mentioning their name and what the email entails. 

You want your subject line to be direct and tell the recipient why you are writing. Don’t be vague. Don’t try to be clever because it’s hard to interpret a clever subject line, especially if the person reading the subject line doesn’t understand your personality. 

When you write to a person, rather than a company, try to connect with them personally. Address them by their first name. Be polite and consider, but also write with a friendly tone. 

You don’t want to write like a robot or sound like one. 

When you are writing to someone who doesn’t know you, it’s important to make a connection right away. You don’t want to appear as a stranger who randomly found their email address. You should mention a connection or a referral. 

Mention that referral right away in an email that way the person lowers their defense and sees how you connected with them. You can also mention this referral in the subject line. 

When you do introduce yourself, be clear and concise. Mention your name and what you do. Mention how your work is relevant to the person you are emailing. 

You don’t want to email someone and appear immediately irrelevant. You want to smoothly transition from the referral connection, to who you are, to what the purpose of the email is about. 

In addition to how to write email introductions, you can also find a letter of intent sample on our website.  

Why is Introducing Yourself in an Email Important? 

Introducing yourself in an email is critically important in business and education. 

If you are writing an academic email to a professor or someone in administration, it’s important that they know who you are so they can understand your point of view. The more they know you, the more they emphasize with you. They will understand your point of view. 

For more information on writing emails and creating email samples, visit our website.

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