How To Get People To Feel Like They Are On YOUR Team. #NewToHR

How To Get People To Feel Like They Are On YOUR Team

Team building and nurturing is an exercise that solely depends on how mature and professional the organization’s leader acts in different situations.

Forming a team is an easy task, however, making its members feel at home is challenging and exciting, both. By understanding the factors that a member expects from their team, it would be easy to make the members feel comfortable.

The top factors in this context are:
  • Appreciation: Every team member expects to receive appreciation from his or her team leader.
  • Rewards: Every team member feels motivated when rewarded for their true effort and dedication towards their work.
  • Friendship: Every team member hopes to make new friends, wherever they work. Being friendly with others helps them learn from others and share their joys and disappointments, alike.
  • Transparency: Every team member wants his or her boss to be transparent in all their dealings and to be unbiased with everyone. When there is transparency in the working methodology, working becomes fun and enjoyable.
  • Learning & Growth: All team members, irrespective of their seniority, want to learn new things and adore creativity.

Change is a way of life and in today’s fast-paced life, change is endorsed very well by everybody.

When there is consistent growth and learning at work, team members feel satisfied and engaged.

Overall, these five factors contribute to making any team member feel comfortable in a team. However, there may be situations when in the middle of a project, a new team member may be inducted and the team leader may be asked to make them feel like they are a part of their already existing team.

Now what does the leader do in such situations. Here are some points to consider:
  1.  Welcome the new team member with an open mind and introduce the person to everybody in the team, already working on the project.Lorem Ipsum
  2. Explain all aspects of the project to the new team member appropriately so that he or she gets enough time to understand his or her job and perform well at work.Lorem Ipsum
  3. ‘Handhold’ the new team member till he or she settles down in the team and forms a rapport with other team members.
  4. Train the new team member on subject areas where he or she may be lacking so that when complex situations are dealt with, the team member does not feel left out.
  5. Introduce company policies and procedures if not team norms to the new team member appropriately if they are from another organization. Especially details on punctuality and discipline may be very important to discuss.

Thus, feeling someone feel like they are in YOUR team is a simple and yet challenging task. In some cases, the attempts by the team leaders may fit in perfectly whereas in some other cases, the success rate may not be 100%. By dedicating time and attention, this can surely be achieved.

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  • Jennifer
    08/10/2015 at 23:33

    You brought up a lot of great points here. Appreciation is probably the most important, however, since it helps delegate work evenly among team members. Don’t make them feel overworked and they’ll stick around longer.

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