Basics For Building A Company Culture. #NewToHR

Basics For Building A Company Culture

No matter the size of a business, large or small, it must have a engaging company culture to go along with it.

This culture should embody the ideals and attitudes of that business.

From the top to the bottom of the corporate structure, a company with the right culture will only flourish and ascend into bigger and better things. Those without one or a bad one for that matter will likely see less productive employees and a more negative working environment.

So, how do you begin when trying to build a company’s culture?

Well the first thing to do is to identify what you want your culture to be! It should resonate with all your stakeholders, and be linked to how you would like to be perceived by outsiders.

It is important to understand what you want the ideals and attitudes of your business to be. Once you do you can translate these to other goals and objectives in your company and team.

Make sure it is appropriate to your company or business, as a bad or misplaced culture will get you nowhere.

Remember this is how the world will see you, make sure it is the right choice!

Your employees will be an important place to start when building the company culture.

The more you respect and are willing to engage your staff, the happier the environment for them to work in will be, and so productivity will increase.

Carry a reputation as a great employer will make you more appealing to potential staff, which is great for scaling up or just hiring the best people out there.

Do you want to be easily accessible to your employees?

Taking this direction will likely help to build strong relationships between the hierarchy of a company, ensuring that everyone has a place, and they feel that place matters.

A culture where you are seen as simply a number is NOT the best environment to work in.

Know the direction where you want this culture to take you. If everyone is on board with the same goals and how to best set out achieving them the whole organisation from top to bottom will feel more valued, and will want to help the company reach its destination. It can be a strong motivator for everyone inside the company, and shows your intent to those outside of it.

Building a culture can take a physical presence too.

Having an aesthetically pleasing work environment to work in will make you more appealing, and more enjoyable to work for.

Whilst you will do not need to go to such extreme lengths as (Google), something as simple as an open plan office with no cubicles can go a long way to showing what type of culture you are. Your ideals could be based on togetherness, and strong group bonding, so having a spacious work place where employees can interact freely will help achieve this.

Positive intention with the right course of action will help you to meet the culture of your company.

What you want it to be is entirely up to you, think carefully about it, as it could be the difference between failure and success. Working for a company with a high quality culture will lead to a high quality workplace. Conversely a company with a less reputable company culture will always be lagging behind those who do!

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