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How To Use A PEO Broker To Outsource All Of Your HR Tasks

For any business, a well-run HR department is essential. Without one, hiring the right people and retaining them becomes impossible. People really are the lifeblood of every company.

However, that does not mean that outsourcing HR tasks is not a good idea. Increasingly, all kinds of firms are using a PEO broker to do exactly that. Most are very pleased with the results and decide to continue that arrangement for the long-term.

The best Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokers know how to tailor the service that they offer to meet the needs of any business. But, you have to be careful about which broker you use.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to bear in mind when deciding which PEO broker you hire.

Identify what you need

Before you start your search, sit down and list out the services you need. Doing this will help you to identify a firm that can provide you with everything. The last thing you want is to end up having to deal with some tasks yourself.

Be prepared to relinquish control

If you want to get the most out of using a PEO your aim should be for them to do as much as possible for you. However, to be able to do this you have to be prepared to relinquish control.

Why use a PEO broker

Using a broker makes it easier for you to get all rather than just a few of your HR tasks taken care of.

  • They have access to a huge network of HR service providers. So, your broker will be able to find someone with the right expertise to fulfill each and every function.
  • They will look for a provider who has knowledge that is relevant to you and your business. For example, for a construction firm, a good PEO broker will find someone who can carry out a thorough inspection at any building site and knows how to do a proper risk assessment in that type of environment.

Service providers hand-picked for your business

  • They will also be careful to match you with providers who will fit in well with the culture of your business.

This reduces the chances of there being friction between your staff and those that take care of your HR tasks.

Proper follow-up

The other advantage of using a broker is that they will monitor the performance of the people they hire to look after you. There is no need for you to continually check that key tasks are being performed to a high standard and on time. Your broker will do that for you.

Using a PEO broker will save you time

This frees you up to spend more time marketing and growing your business.

Using a broker also means you only have to spend a few hours on outsourcing your HR tasks instead of a few weeks. You only have to note down what you want, speak to the broker and leave the rest to them.

There is no time spent researching each provider, interviewing those you like and bedding them into your company. Your PEO broker does all of that on your behalf.

Provided you hire a good PEO broker you will quickly see an improvement in how efficiently HR tasks are done. You will also very likely begin to save money.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but, if you read this paper you will soon see why most firms will end up with lower HR overheads when they use a PEO.

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