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Should You Let Your Employees Work From Home?

On the face of it, letting your employees work from home might not seem like the best idea. You might have worries that they’ll be distracted, that the workflow and productivity will suffer and they won’t take things seriously. However, you actually have less to worry about than you think.

More and more companies are getting on board with letting employees work from home on at least some days a week, or even hiring completely remote workforces as there are some incredible benefits.

Here are a few reasons to consider it for your own venture. 

You can rent a smaller office and keep costs down

Commercial premises can be expensive, especially if you live in a busy town or city. Every time you pay your rent, it takes a chunk out of your profits but in a normal workplace setting, you need space for your employees as well as their desks and equipment.

Having a lot of people working for you usually means having a large enough office space for everyone to do their job, however when most of your staff work from home, you can rent something smaller and therefore cheaper.

Other ways you can keep costs down is when you hire remote workers, they will already have computers, equipment and the things they need to do their job which saves you the cost of buying, maintaining and repairing them. Just make sure you have a solid system in place for everyone to work from, companies like can help you to get setup.

Your employees will be happier, take less sick days and be more productive

The health and happiness of your employees really should be a high priority as a business owner. The working day is already stressful enough, throw in a busy commute on top of this, and it’s easy for your employees to feel like all they do is travel, work and sleep.

Allowing your team to work from home, even if it’s just for a few days a week can boost happiness and in turn, could promote productivity.

You would, of course, have to monitor things to ensure that everything is being done to the same standard, but overall it could make life much easier for employees- particularly those with a long commute or who don’t drive. Remote and home based workers take less sick days than general employees which helps with productivity.

You’re able to find the best employees and talent for each role

When you’re searching for employees, you’re always going to be limited to the people who live nearby. While some will move for work, most potential candidates are only going to apply for a job that they can physically get to each day.  

When you allow people to work from home, they can be from anywhere in the world. This massively broadens your horizons and enables you to find workers that you wouldn’t have been able to employ any other way, you can choose the best talent for your business instead of being limited by a small local employment pool.  

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