The Basics Of Great Customer Experience by

The Basics Of Great Customer Experience

When big companies ask their customers why they come back time and time again, a popular answer is for the products on offer. But other answers include the quality of service and the ease of experience. You want your customers to enjoy shopping in your store.

If you give them a great experience, that is easy and enjoyable; they’ll keep coming back.

Here are some of the basic ways to do it. 

Easy Navigation

Whether your shop is based online or in a brick and mortar store (or a combination of the two) it’s navigation should be simple. Your customers shouldn’t have to work hard to find what they want. It should be an easy and enjoyable experience. 

  • In-store this means that the layout of the shop should make sense. They should be able to walk around and find products, the layout should be concise, and product placement should be sensible.
  • If people that buy one thing are likely to need another, they should be close together or at least in clearly defined sections.
  • A full range should be on display.
  • The store should be well lit, warm and comfortable.
  • There should be plenty of space for wheelchairs and prams, and fitting rooms and till points should be easy to find. 

Online, it means a website that’s easy to navigate with clear menus and options.

Links should work, the structure should be clear and any relevant information, such as your returns policy, should be easy to find. Your site should also be easy to look at.

Lots of white space, no overwhelming designs. It should work quickly, and well on smaller devices.

Great Service

Service is a huge part of the user experience. You need to offer your customers a fantastic customer service. It should always be a priority, and you should encourage your staff to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. 

Payment Options

How do you pay for your shopping?

Ten years ago, most of us paid with cash or debit/credit card. PayPal use was rising.

Nowadays, there’s a whole range of ways to pay.

Even in-store we can pay on our phones, and fewer people are carrying cash. In some areas, people are even making purchases with chips installed underneath their skin. 

These options mean that most people have a convenient way to pay online. But it also means that shops need to offer a range of options if they want to make it easy for all of their customers.

Look at your cart and payment options and consider adding merchant services for high risk businesses to make the system more accessible. 

Understand Your Customers and Their Needs

Everyone is different. The best way to offer your customers an easy experience is to understand their needs.

Get to know your loyal customers. Ask them what they need or what they would like from you and pay close attention to feedback and reviews. 

Keep Learning 

We live in a world where things are changing faster than ever before. The excellent service and experience you offer today might not be the best next week. Commit to continued learning and evolution. Make changes to keep up, and don’t be scared to try new things. Just keep an eye on feedback.

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