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How To Work In Real Estate: A Career Guide

There are over two million real estate agents in the U.S which proves it’s an exciting and fulfilling career.

Becoming a real estate agent is fantastic if you’re a self-motivated entrepreneur, networker, and have a fascination with the housing market. Perhaps you’re desperate to become a real estate agent but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to work in real estate.

Research Your State’s Requirements

Before hunting for real estate jobs, research your state’s licensing requirements. This will tell you which pre-licensing courses and applications you need. 

Most states ask for a background check, continued education, and a clean criminal history before you can take the exam. 

Get a Real Estate License

Before browsing openings at real estate companies, you must take a pre-licensing course. You can do this at a real estate school, community college, or online depending on your schedule. 

Once you’ve passed, you can take the real estate license exam which covers general and state-specific real estate practices. Note you must receive a passing grade in both to get your license. 

Then submit an application and fees to your state’s real estate agency. When this has been confirmed, you can legally work as a real estate agent. Congrats! 

Find a Real Estate Brokerage

Most states require that you work with a real estate broker before you can open a business.

Decide whether you want to work for a tight-knit or a larger brokerage. You should also consider their opening hours and whether you’re getting paid on a commission. 

Start Your Own Business

Consider your short- and long-term goals so you can create an ironclad business plan. Think about what you want to specialize in (e.g. luxury property) and figure out your ideal customer so you know who to market to. 

Set up social media pages and a website so you build a strong online presence and prospect buyers can reach you. Use different marketing techniques like a weekly newsletter, virtual home staging, and VR tours so your business stands out. 

Build and Maintain Relationships

To be a successful real estate agent, you must have a strong client base. Referrals are an effective way to grow your business so maintain your current relationships and, hopefully, they’ll refer you to others.

Use thoughtful gestures to show your appreciation. For instance, give a buyer a house-warming gift or send a postcard after the sale has been finalized. The goal is to leave your clients with positive memories of your time working together. 

That’s How to Work in Real Estate 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to work in real estate.

First, check your state’s requirements before taking the real estate license exam. Once you’re certified, find a brokerage to learn the ropes before opening your own business. Good luck! 

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