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The Dangers Of Not Using HR Systems In 2021

As a business owner, you’ll do anything to protect and preserve your success. Your company should work like a well-oiled machine, with you firmly at the controls, ready to make adjustments, changes and support every cog in the system to keep it moving smoothly.

One of the most demanding sectors of your business is your HR department. They’re the force behind your company’s work culture, payroll, dispute resolutions and the entire employee life cycle. These teams (or individuals) are at the very heart of your company. But without HR software in place, you could be inadvertently undermining, not just your HR team, but your entire operation.

HR software is the perfect tool to support your HR representatives, automating admin tasks and streamlining HR practices to help your teams focus on the bigger business picture. This cloud-based software is revolutionising the way HR teams work and many SMEs would be lost without it. Here we’ll highlight the dangers of not using HR systems in 2021, read on to find out more.  

More errors

We all make mistakes, but making a mistake in HR could have serious financial and even legal implications. An extra zero on a figure, a decimal point in the wrong place, incorrect tax codes, even confidential employee information being sent to the wrong person… these kinds of errors can lead to all kinds of issues. When your teams invest in HR software, you minimise the potential for these kinds of mistakes. Automating tasks such as payroll and employee data collection means your department can focus on the employee cycle and your business without being distracted by errors.

Compliance issues

We’ve mentioned the impact that errors in HR can have within your business, and this also extends to issues with compliance. As a business, you’re required to meet the standards of laws, regulations and ethical practices, and without HR software on hand to support your teams and to help you manage your compliance obligations, you’re more likely to find yourself in legal trouble.

Low levels of productivity

Your HR teams handle a multitude of responsibilities daily. From small, minute admin tasks to payroll obligations, disciplinary processes and even finding solutions to workplace conflicts – it’s a heavy-duty role that requires excellent time management and delegation skills.

However, teams that don’t have HR software to support them are more likely to be bogged down by endless admin tasks and have less time available for bigger issues. With HR software, staff can hand over smaller employee-related tasks to the employees themselves, with self-service applications. HR reps can also track attendance automatically, and as all data is kept in one secure location processes are streamlined and made more efficient.

And finally, poor employee relations

When HR reps are too busy with smaller tasks, they can lose focus on the bigger picture – employees. If the onboarding process is rushed and new starters feel abandoned, then they’re more likely to move on. And if employees feel frustrated because annual leave and other absence requests aren’t being actioned then it can have negative connotations across your company.

HR software eliminates all these issues, giving employees control over their own admin, helping HR create engaging onboarding processes and giving them more time to create an enjoyable, effective working environment.

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