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HR Administration Today

Still understood as a field solely dedicated to finding, hiring, managing, and retaining employees for a specific business, Human Resources Administration is deceptively straight forward. But with the current shift to employee benefit focus and maintaining high levels of equality and flexibility, HR now is far more than the business people mover.

In its current state, it is a department bent on utilizing available technologies to ensure employees have access to command their careers while still organizing everything.

Though the definition of the job has changed, it still is the head department of managing employees.

Due to advancements in online job searches, as well as the ease in which references can be achieved, finding and hiring the right employees is now more heavily based in research.

The internet provides HR with the ability to follow a candidate’s history to verify they are what they appear. In the end, this saves both parties countless hours of back and forth while saving the company any potentially wasted dollars.

Over time, it has become clear that the employee is much more than a statistic and keeping the great ones requires more than simple congratulatory e-mails sent around the office.

Talent today has broader demands encompassing personal and family time yet unseen in the business environment. Because of its direct relation to the employee, HR has been tasked with creating a flexible yet sturdy infrastructure in which employees can maintain some freedom while still being held accountable for achieving their goals.

Though overwhelming and seemingly impossible, software is continually being developed to make this management as easy and as seamless as possible. Many put a lot of hours tracking PTO requests through cloud technology. This leaves HR free to note and file anything that needs to be filed while leaving the unnecessary alone, freeing up their time.

Another great advancement is integrated communications. With all employees linked to one company server, messages and announcements sent are now the responsibility of employees and help to create more engagement.

By working and training new hires, the people operations department still is a heavily administrative piece of the company that deals with paperwork (both good and bad) while presenting the face of the company to the employees. Their added responsibilities make them the go to for any employee issues, ideas and concerns.

With integrating new software and tools to keep communication open and free between both ends, they are traversing new territory within the company. Their techniques work to give as much responsibility to the employee as possible while still keeping them in the position to let individuals go if an important rule is not being followed.

Gone are the days of piles of paperwork replaced with integrated systems for ease of administration!

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