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Software for Human Resources Consultants

As a Human Resource consultant you will know that many businesses, small and large, struggle to maintain control over their HR function particularly when they are undergoing an expansion phase.

After all, that’s why services such as yours are so in demand and part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Even HR consultants struggle to provide a sterling service without the best tools for the job, and the choice of Human Resources software you use is pivotal to your efficiency.

The best software packages on the market have a few things in common:

they are easy to implement; simple to use; they help to centralize the HR function; facilitate the organization of data; empower employees and improve communication throughout the company. More and more HR consultants are delighting their existing clients and increasing their own business potential by making wise software purchasing choices.

Centralization & Organization

An HR department is unable to operate at optimum efficiency if different functions are scattered throughout the company, with multiple disparate systems holding the data.

For example, sickness records are important when discussing performance at a one-to-one and current levels of absence must inform a company’s holiday policy. Well-designed HR software will integrate data from multiple functions and present that information in the appropriate format. When your client has a one-to-one with an employee they should be able to effortlessly pull up a document that shows up to date sickness and absence statistics alongside other pertinent data.

Empowerment & Communication

Gone are the days when a remote manager would dictate when holidays are taken.

Increasingly, companies are finding it far more productive to give employees access to holiday booking systems (employee self-service) and even holiday approval can now be delegated to a large degree.


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State-of-the-art People Operations software open up this possibility to your clients, freeing up valuable management hours to growing the business.

Quality HR software can even improve communication between subordinates and management by integrating performance management data with customizable reward templates, enabling management to send prompt and genuine positive feedback to high-achieving personnel. Important company policy documents and version updates can be uploaded to a central system and made available to those employees who need to read them. Managers can see at a glance whether an employee has opened the document or not.

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