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Leadership Leaning

No matter how much people enjoy grouping things into people that are the same and people that are different, every individual carries with them experiences that have shaped them into a person entirely different from everyone else.

As such, it is up to the leaders to adapt their styles to be the most effective for everyone and then further adapting for each individual employee. By doing this, you set yourself up as a part of the team rather than a power hungry monarch.

As a time honored quote once explained, “Good leaders are made, not born”. As I have found time and again, personal reflection and self-awareness of your impact on others is the first step toward becoming something great.

If you claim one thing but do another, the team will see you as a hypocrite. If you praise only certain individuals, everyone will see the favoritism. Worst of all, if they know you are doing it for selfish reasons, they will be far less inclined to help.

Take time building an awareness of yourself and how your actions affect others. This gives you the ability to find your own faults and correct them.

From introspection, move outward to take in the team. Note their different personalities and how they choose to express themselves. While there are some that are very vocal about what they want, do not forget the listen and talk with the more reserved. Just because they do not talk as much, does not mean they do not have ideas or issues.

Engaging everyone is the key to building camaraderie amongst yourself and others.

This also expresses to them that you care and you are invested in their success.

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your team, adjust your leadership style to best benefit everyone in each situation. What worked last time may not be the best answer for the present, and it is up to you to lead the change and help everyone else make the transition.

I have learned that adaptations often need to be made daily, requiring you to work side by side with them one hour and leading them the next. By practicing such flexibility and partitioning of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, you are exhibiting the knowledge and tactics that every good leader employs.

In the end, knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to adapting your leadership style!

If they are not working, work side by side with them to give them the energy to keep going. If they are doing great, step back and find a way to reward them for being so productive.

Also, getting to know the individuals will also help you determine the best ways to motivate everyone, making sure everyone feels valued and knows their work is truly appreciated. Only then will you fully understand how to build your team up into an indomitable force of success.

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