The Fan Experience. #NewToHR

Are You A New HR Blogger?

This is for the amazing new #HR bloggers out there!


I truly hope that you may be able to use some of this story to push your blog forward without the BS my New To HR team has had when we first started up 5 years ago.

“Your are discriminating with that blog name”

“What a horrible blog name”

“You do not know anything about young people in HR”

“Who would ever want to use New To HR?”

…. …

… … …

Within the 1st year of being live:

  • SHRM designed an event with the same name.
  • The CIPD is now using the new to hr words on their site.
  • ACAS has devised a special page with the same name.
  • And other HR blogs are now using .com/newtohr-blogpost.

Either our team is very paranoid or it makes you think right 😉


We also worked hard on the hashtag #NewToHR, which was for knowledge sharing within our community.

We never shared any products;

  • until… HRCI trainers & ACAS took it over… to promote their training!

After kindly asking them to only knowledge share on the hashtag, we were reminded that #hashtags are for everyone. Very true…

Yet, strange there was a need to get onto a hashtag that a tiny biz build up on their hands and feet.


If you have a Blog & thinking of using your knowledge to build a biz – please do it under the cover of night!

I am not an influencer or authority, as so many have so kindly reminded me 😉

But I will do my best to help you in any way I can and I am rooting for you all the way!

This note was posted  by our Founder Nicole Le Maire on LinkedIn to support those new Bloggers that are being pushed back by traditional HR mindsets.



Creative minds have always looked for ways to captivate the masses.

Most fans rather not read New To HR’s story and bloggers are told to avoid at all cost unpopular topics like politics, ethics, or existential questions plaguing humanity for ages.

As you likely, with all the other cohort of  consumers want something light, less objective and perhaps with no personal viewpoints. Some of the most successful V/Bloggers of today thrive on being controversial or exploiting out of the box topics. The metric used to measure their success is the amount of reactions they trigger on social media, whether bad or good.

If you are an aspiring Blogger you can choose from a multitude of platforms to convey your message, being able to produce fresh and different content is a vital attribute. As we saw earlier, the kind of material that is most successful nowadays is effortless to consume, leaving your fans craving for more.

The online world functions according to rules – that are so different from the work world – and everyone stands a chance with little to no resources!

© New To HR


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