Improve Your Interaction With Customers With The Right Customer Support by

Improve Your Interaction With Customers With The Right Customer Support

It is through search engines that clients seek out for their favorite website, form an opinion, and may decide to contact support for further assistance. In case the customers encounter a problem, the first place they look for assistance is to the website for contact information.

Customer support will help you to build a relationship with customers once they browse your site to follow up on services already offered and every stage in between.

Important customer service features to include in your website:

Live Chat

Even though many customers like to browse on their own, having a live chat on your website will be a significant asset to your business.

This feature will enable you to respond quickly to queries raised by your clients, and prevent them from changing their minds or wandering off.

It also enables customers to reach customer support without the inconvenience of a phone call or the unreliability of a return email. Live chat also enables the support agents to serve as concierge service, as well as the technical support.

Customer Dashboard

This feature enables customers to access a detailed list of their past transactions. Customers are able to track reference information given to them in a previous transaction through a transcript.

A customer dashboard will show the client that you care for them, remember them, and that you want to make things much easier for them.


Once the clients have personal accounts, offer them the freedom to change the colors of a few things to give it a personal appearance.

Customers can add their photos they or they can select from an array of avatar options. This feature will enable customers to enjoy a grand time setting up a new profile which will enable you to understand them much better before each service.

You can also add a text box for ‘service preferences’ to enable your customers to express how they would like to be served best.

Coupled with a virtual receptionist set to understand and maximize those preferences, well, it’s easy to keep your clients in the know and properly looked after.

Stakers constantly analyzes user behavior to ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they want. We make our website content easier to find and to interact which helps us to boost conversions and ranking. 

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