Improving You Business With CNC Machining Centres by

Improving You Business With CNC Machining Centres

In business, you should always be looking for ways that you can improve your efficiency and productivity. One way that you can do this if you are part of the manufacturing industry, is to replace manually operated machines, with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centres. They may not be right for every business, but if you have the budget to try them and they work, CNC machining centres could benefit your company.

What are CNC machining centres?

CNC machining centres use pre-programmed computer software to control a range of complex machinery to manufacture metal components. To make components such as partitions and gearboxes in the past, it would have required several machines with many different working stages.

With a CNC machining centre, there are multiple operations in one machine, so you only need one machine to make the item you want.

What are the advantages of CNC machining centres?

For the manufacturing of metal parts, CNC machining has many benefits:

  • Increased productivity – Businesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity, and this is one. CNC machines can work continuously to manufacture the metal parts that you need. The only time they need to stop is for repairs or maintenance, increasing your production rates. 
  • Creates a uniform product – When engineers use manual machines to produce components, it is tough to get them exactly the same, as there will always be a slight variation. As CNC machines are computer programmed, they will make each part an exact match to the specifications, creating a uniform product.
  • Cost – Cost can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage of having CNC machines is that it can help you to save money and make more money. With CNC machines, there are fewer labour costs as one person can run multiple machines. They are quicker, more precise, and more efficient, so there will be fewer mistakes and more components created.
  • Increased safety – When operating a CNC machine, your employees are away from the sharp tools, reducing injuries, and creating an overall safer environment for them to work in.
  • Easy to update – CNC machines can be easily improved by updating their software when new software has been created.

What are the disadvantages of CNC machining centres?

When you are deciding whether something is suitable for your business, you have to look at the disadvantages as well as the advantages to makes sure you make a measure decision:

  • Cost – The cost of CNC machines is higher than manually operated machines. This can be a disadvantage at first, especially if you don’t have the budget for one. However, if you do have the budget, it may be that you have to look at the cost of the machine as an investment in the long-term of your business.  
  • Old skills are lost – As people with only basic training can operate CNC machines, the number of people being trained to operate manual machines is reducing. If it continues, these engineering skills could be lost.

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