Improving Your HR Department by

Improving Your HR Department

The Human Resources (HR) department is one of the most critical determinants of organizational success. A well-performing department ensures that an organization recruits, retains, and motivates talented individuals to perform at their best. Therefore, every organization needs to ensure that the HR department is functioning at its peak. The best way is through HR learning and development. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

HR learning and development is a systematic strategy designed to maximize the potential of an organization’s HR department. It is a strategy which can be viewed from two levels: a philosophical level and practical level.

At a philosophical level, this strategy is backed by a core belief that no matter the level of the department’s performance, it can be improved. This is underscored by a commitment to seek for ways to improve the performance of the department. This commitment is usually enshrined in an organization’s policies.

At a practical level, the strategy involves a number of measures taken to foster learning and development. This can be through providing opportunities for HR development within the department. It can also be through creating an atmosphere in which individual members can pursue their own growth and development.

Broadly speaking, learning and development (L&D) can be implemented through three ways i.e. internal-based L&D, external-based L&D, and continuous monitoring and evaluation (M&E). These are briefly discussed below:

Internal-based L&D is implemented within the organization or even within the department. It is implemented through activities aimed at boosting the capacity of individual members within the department. It can include things like leadership development, mentorship, skills training, for example, online social work degree or any other course related to your field, and motivation. It can be implemented in a group or on a one-on-one basis.

External-based L&D is actually similar to Internal-based L&D. The only difference is that it is implemented by external entities. Such entities can include HR consultants or experts who are hired to provide HR development for department team members. They can also be educational institutions where department members are sponsored to acquire specific skills.

Continuous M&E is aimed at ensuring that every member of the HR team performs to their maximum capacity. It is used to identify skills and performance gaps. Such gaps form the basis of the internal and external L&D activities. M&E is also used to determine the effectiveness of learning and development activities.

In a nutshell, HR learning and development is the best way of ensuring that an HR department performs to its best. Such a department increases the likelihood of the entire human resources of an organization performing to its best. This almost always results in organizational effectiveness, growth and competitiveness. Therefore, HR L&D is the perfect solution for anyone seeking to improve their HR department.

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