Inclusivity In The Workplace Why Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Be Ignored by

Inclusivity In The Workplace: Why Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Be Ignored

The conversation on inclusivity in the work environment is about reiterating the fact that everybody deserves an equal chance at employment. And to support this argument is the other fact that education has become more accessible to most people.

So when it comes to qualifications and skills in Saudi Arabia, you’ll find suitable candidates of both sexes across all demographics in various fields. That also means that there is no longer any excuse not to have an inclusive workplace.

There is a wide pool of talent to choose from, and all you’ll have to do is look hard enough.

Women in the workplace

When it comes to women in employment, the conversation has evolved, and it also started from education.

There was a time where women were not allowed to have an education.

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that have a history of segregation when it comes to educating women. But as time went on, the country embraced the idea, and the official religion of the area, which prioritizes education, knowledge, and understanding, is for all, pioneered the changes.

The women in education statistics show a significant improvement in the number of women in university education and also in the labor market.

This proof, which is explained better in the infographic below, shows that you cannot ignore women when putting together a workforce for your organization.

Infographic designed by Women in Education Statistics

Women bring something unique to the table, and excluding them might stagnate the progress and growth of your business.

So do the work and ensure you’re not intentionally excluding a group that might contribute massively to the development of your business. 

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