Is Creativity And Fairness Possible In HR by

Is Creativity And Fairness Possible In HR?

As a result of the economy and market decompartmentalisation, fierce competition has emerged.

Owners are left with very little choice: but to review traditional strategies and seek ‘new’ ways of creativity and innovation.

Companies are starting to innovate employees on a more regular basis, if groups and individuals can be encouraged to think more creatively it will mean a better working environment and an increased return on investment for the business.

Creativity plays a significant role in contributing to organizational success, it is therefore the reason why large companies such as Amazon, Sap, IBM, Apple have special strategies and individuals working for the creation of new products and services.  This can especially be seen in startups and corporations, where creativity is of the uttermost importance. It decides the way and success of how a business is run!

Modern technology takes away some of those thoughts and ideas of creative individuals (although a new niche of creative entrepreneurs have been …..). It is important to remember every business was in the first instance an idea that had to be worked out. Furthermore, when management has created a structure of innovation within the venture, it has also increased the possibility of gaining an advantage over a competitor.

Important is also ‘fairness’, which can only be reached by having a central control measure.

Contentious statements that employee refer to are; ‘Why should I work for her, she’s on a higher grade than me or, I am not paid enough’. Pay and incentives are personal matters and are often the source of much irritation, worry and conflict.

Fairness at work, emphases the importance of an individual.

A set of minimum standards is required to assure that employees have a safety net of right and are protected, although with the economy currently there is lesser of a safety net. Management needs to build up and develop an agreed system of ‘fair’ rules a set of procedures aligned to country labour laws.

However do employees want fairness?

In today’s work environment being equal is a statement, yet some people might do more work than others, is this then seen as ‘fair’, that a person who works a lot harder receives the same pay and bonus as the other individual?

Creativity is essential for a business, by having an innovative structure businesses gain advantages over the competitor. Fairness at work can only be reached by having central control measures, which ensures the importance of the individual. Fairness is about inclusion and equality.

Factors such as creativity, commitment, flexibility and fairness are of major importance within the HR framework in an organization.

Yet do we agree with factors, particularly concerning flexibility? Not all flexible work arrangements are appropriate for all people or all jobs!

Additionally creativity is of huge significance for the creation of new products and services. Individuals have the ability to be creative, even though fairness at work may diminish this in certain organizations. We must be cautious not to take away the thinking process from our team members, in terms of fairness and creativity.

“Innovation is critical for competitive advantage and creativity is essential to successful innovation” – Stafford

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