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Making The Most Of Your Workday

Business owners and employees can benefit from creating a more efficient workday. If you can complete your work efficiently, then you can focus your time on more critical areas. It can be hard to be productive, so here are some ideas of how you can use your time wisely at work. 

Simplify Tasks

Most workdays are spent on repetitive tasks that can be simplified. Do you write the same information over and over again on forms or envelopes?

Try printed labels or custom rubber stamps to eliminate this task. Similar shortcuts can be found for most monotonous tasks. 

Batching tasks, or doing similar duties at the same time, can also be more efficient. If your job allows for it, checking and replying to emails, or other related tasks, should be done a predetermined time all at once, not whenever you get a new notification.

Turn notifications off if you can. Notifications break our focus when we are working on a project or task, and switching back and forth between tasks takes up more time than you realize. 


It is essential to stay connected to the people on your team. Since you are working towards similar goals, you should make sure that tasks have been assigned and completed. Without this communication, multiple people could be overlapping in their work when it is unnecessary. Having clear responsibilities and assigning those tasks to specific people can help eliminate wasting time. 


Delegating tasks to other people when appropriate is an integral part of time management. Initially, it might take a little extra time to train a person to do a specific task and to follow up to make sure it is completed, but in the long run, you will save much more time this way.

The more people who know how to complete a task, the better off the company will be down the road. This also is useful when someone is out sick or on vacation, and another person can step in to make sure that productivity doesn’t lag. 

Understand Yourself

People are productive in different ways. It would help if you took control of your workday by finding out how you work best. Schedule phone calls and meetings during a time when you are more open to being around other people and communicating at your best.

Know when you hit a slump during the day and work on simple tasks during that time. Some people find listening to white noise or an afternoon snack can help with productivity. Stick with what works for you. 

No matter what steps you take, there is always room for improvement. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. The key is to make your workday a little simpler. Spending less energy and less time on the same amount of work means you can take that time and energy and put it back into your work. This not only helps the business to grow but will help you advance in your career.

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