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New Leadership For A New World

The new, “flat” world of business demands a new age of leaders who can steer the organization in the right direction while influencing other sustainable team member figures within the company.

With many organizations utilizing cost-effective methods of international outsourcing, telecommuting and remote working talent, the modern business environment needs a more complex and culturally interchangeable leadership than ever before, in order to formulate a level of sustainable progress and profitability.

Operating an international business calls for more well-developed and executed strategies than the traditional business model.

The International Journal of Leadership Studies reports that “leadership sustainability is the ability of leaders to recognize the intricate systems interwoven with human values that promote sustainability,” and that the “examination of a successful leadership development program will provide insight regarding leadership education.”

This shows that it is hugely important for  People Operations to assess their current leadership strategy and evaluate which areas need to be changed to fit the new world of work, providing room for the development of sustainable leaders.

LeadershipFor a business to flourish and progress on the fast-paced international stage, leaders must possess a variety of different skills to motivate staff and encourage engagement. The world of work is a cultural melting pot, and those in managerial roles must be able to influence different nationalities and generations through effective communication. Promoting diversity will create a future which allows the company to compete on an international level!

Sustainable leaders have to be in-tune with the everyday environment of their business, and lacking basic knowledge of the company’s daily processes will produce figures who skim over weaknesses, as they simply aren’t aware of their existence. Nurturing current employees for a future where they become a company leader is a tactic People Operations should employ when thinking of the health of their organization in the long-term.

This kind of new world leadership also demands balance, in more than one sense.

Creating a work environment which allows talent to have flexible schedules without neglecting engagement and communication is a crucial tactic of a sustainable leader, allowing the business to progress while providing employees with all the benefits of new technology systems that allow them to work alongside international peers at a time and place that most suits them.

This ensures sustainability of the organization as talent is now able to control their work methods while communicating across borders and oceans, fulfilling tasks in a way that benefits every aspect of the company.

The IJLS report states that “sustained learning creates a cycle of ongoing leadership development that continuously moves current and future leaders from information to the creation of reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom, further deepening and sustaining leadership.

This means that People Operations must promote knowledgeable and authentic leaders, who can confidently take the business into the new work environment with the trust of the employee base.

Those who are perceived to know what is best for the business because of their experience, training and knowledge are more likely to influence employees toward increased productivity and engagement and be seen as a trustworthy figure. This will promote learning and career progression in those working and collaborating with them.

In this respect, sustainable leadership is the implementation of short-term methods which provide numerous advantages in the long-term, and although we cannot predict how the world of business will change in the near future, we can provide a solid foundation of sustainable leaders that are able to take the company to the next level with ease and confidence.

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