Preparing For Risks Terrorism Kidnapping And Other Security Issues. #NewToHR

Preparing For Risks; Terrorism, Kidnapping And Other Security Issues

Many international companies, such as Delta Airlines, Pacific Gas & Electric and Chrysler have gone bankrupt in recent years, making risk management one of the most talked about aspects off many industries.

Being able to effectively manage risk should be as significant as growing profits and handling customer relationships. An unforeseen disaster can drive a business shut or can totally disable it, losing its standing in the marketplace.

For multinational companies, this is especially true. [highlight]It is imperative to know how to cover workers of an international company against the hazards of living abroad.[/highlight] Human resources teams for multinational companies must shield their employees from unique sets of hazards not found in their home countries. These can include the risks of terrorism, kidnapping as well as a large set of other security issues.


Because terrorism has been heightened from a local problem to a global risk factor, the demand for benefits for HR to sufficiently shield against potential losses due to terrorism has turned into a critical issue. Some insurance companies have now set aside so-called War & Terrorism exclusions to mitigate this threat on employees traveling to dangerous nations (such as Sudan or Afghanistan). This leaves many workers exposed to a very limited life insurance plan. Hence, it may be sometimes wise as well as cost advantageous to issue special W&T coverage for these essential staff members on a per trip basis.


Usually, kidnap and ransom insurance policies are for workers operating in high-risk areas and can prove to be a highly messy and expensive ordeal. It can be supplied as an independent coverage or may function as an inclusion in one’s general insurance package. These must be obtained from specialized insurance providers dealing with kidnapping and ransom issues.

The catch here is that the insured worker must not know that they are being covered or else the insurance is immediately invalidated. This stipulation is put into effect as a way of stopping employees from falsely staging a kidnap as a way of illegally claiming funds from the insurance company.

Other Security Issues

Sensitive data is particularly vulnerable in companies who move their locations overseas. Social networking has now enabled criminals to engage in a form of cyber terrorism that puts many companies at risk. It is important to limit the accessibility of secure data from unwanted hands by factoring complex security systems into your budget. These may include the use of biometric data entry systems, closed circuit cameras, barbed wire and other barriers that prevent unauthorized access to your grounds of operation.

Modern organizations are now implementing developmental training programs that effectively help their staff to manage the possible impending threats of terrorism, cyber terrorism, security breaches and other dangerous events.

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