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Preparing To Return To Work

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of us have been out of work or working remotely for the last eight weeks or so. You may have been furloughed until your business can reopen, or perhaps you’ve been working reduced hours from home, making the best of the situation. 

Our new way of life has been challenging, and for many, there was a period of readjustment. You might have found the first few weeks of home working, or being off work, hard to take. You may have struggled to adapt, and if you’ve been looking after your family or homeschooling, you may have actually been busier than usual. 

But, now we’re starting to see signs of the world returning to normal. In many countries, lockdown is being eased, and some of us are beginning to return to work. Whether your own return is imminent, or still some time away, you will at some point be facing another period of readjustment. You may have settled into this new way of doing things. You might have even started to enjoy yourself. You might want to start preparing yourself before the call to work comes if it hasn’t already. 

Take Safety Seriously

Some businesses are taking safety very seriously, as this Top 10 COVID-19 Safety Tips for Knight Drivers shows. Unfortunately, not all are. Read up on current safety advice, learn more about how to keep yourself safe, and what your business should do to protect you. If you have any concerns, speak up.

Get In Touch with Workmates and Managers

Give yourself a head start on safety by getting in touch with your manager. Express any concerns, and ask how they are planning to protect you from COVID-19. 

It’s also a great time to get in touch with any friends from work that you may not have spoken to for a few weeks. This contact can ease awkwardness on your return. 

Organize Your Finances

You may have had to make some financial adjustments or reduce your expenditure while you’ve been off work.

Do you need to make further changes now that you are returning? Take a look at your finances and get organized. 

Get Some Exercise

Going back to work can be a shock mentally, but also physically. Even if you have a desk job, if you’ve been mainly sitting on your sofa for months, even traveling to work might be an effort. Get some exercise, go out for a walk and try to build a little stamina before you need it. 

Start Setting Your Alarm

Even if you’ve been working the same hours, without having to dress for work or commute, you may have been getting an hour more sleep each morning. Start setting your alarm now so that it’s not a big shock on your first day back. 

Plan Your Route

If possible, it’s a good idea to avoid crowded public transport still. This might mean walking or cycling to work, or it could mean going into work earlier so that buses are quieter. Speak to your manager if you think changing working hours could help.

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