Top Tips For Keeping Your Business Safe Online

Top Tips For Keeping Your Business Safe Online

Protecting any organization, large or small, start-up or existing, from the current web threats has become a highly complex task. 

The implications of external attacks, internal security breaches, and Internet exploitation have put Internet and network protection high on the agenda of small businesses – so what do you need to know about protection and what are the key elements to ensure that your business is and stays safe online?

Shield your business from malware

Would you leave all of your doors open at night to allow a criminal to come in and help themselves to your belongings? No, you wouldn’t. However, if you are not in the habit of securing your computers and your network, that is precisely what you may be doing.

Malware is a malicious program designed to penetrate or harm your computer or network without your knowledge or consent. When it comes to technology, sometimes leaving it to the experts is the best thing to do.

A managed IT service provider such as InTouch IT can monitor your systems and provide the very best in network security. They will have the most up to date knowledge and technology to fit off digital intruders, and if the worse should happen, they will know exactly how to sort it.

Have a security policy

Sure, it might be another policy and thing to think about, but believe us, it is something that you do not want to skimp on.

Because of limited resources and less IT support, smaller or, new businesses are more vulnerable.

Ensure that your employees are all fully briefed on the security policy and are trained as and when the need arises.

Your policy should include:

  • Having strong passwords and change them regularly
  • The consequences of not following policies and procedures
  • Not abusing access to computers and systems
  • Emails – what should and shouldn’t be opened
  • Whether something needs to be encrypted

Look at your social media

All the cool kids are on social media, and so should you – it is a valuable marketing tool, and without it, your business will be at a considerable disadvantage. However, it can also cause you some issues if not managed correctly.

  • Consider who is going to be the ‘voice’ of your company, and only allow them to speak on behalf of them.
  • Define what is confidential in your disclosure and privacy policy. 
  • Provide communication guidelines – company blogs and social media pages need to be professional and present your business in a positive light.
  • Encourage your staff not to open any attachments or click on any links if they do not know the sender or look suspicious.

Remain current

Your IT services provider, if you have one, will be able to provide guidance on this, but otherwise, remember the more up to date your systems, the less chance they will be hacked. Cybercriminals exploit the vulnerability, so ensure that everything is the most current version.

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