Professional Certificates For After You Graduate by

Professional Certificates For After You Graduate

Congratulations – you’ve graduated! The piece of paper you hold in your hands is the result of years of effort and concentration, not to mention stress. But what can you do with it? These days a graduate certificate is only enough to get you into an entry-level job – sure you might find a respectable company to work for and eventually earn a respectable salary – but there are other options.

A professional certificate in a leading industry can get your career off to a flyer.    

Certification in Digital Marketing

The world has moved on from the days of billboards and TV advertisements. While these older mediums still exist and are used in some quarters, the majority of brands have abandoned them in favour of digital marketing.

Over the past ten years, the industry has boomed with analytics technology, saving brands money and producing more relevant and effective results. Digital marketing makes up a significant portion of the job market now, and your chances of initial success can be enhanced with a professional certificate.  

PMP Certification 

PMP stands for Project management Professional, and it’s a valuable, sought after skill set in today’s job market. With so much of the world now operating remotely – even before the pandemic – project management skills are in high demand.

Consider the skills required in keeping a team working harmoniously on a project that has many working parts. PMP Certification is a globally recognized qualification that equips students with the tools, techniques, training, and experience that companies around the world require.  

Teaching Certification 

If you have more of a creative and educational mindset, then teaching certification might be for you, few careers can make such a profound and long-lasting impact on society and the world.

Whether you have your degree or not there is a range of course options to choose from, on the courses you will be required to complete theory and practical assignments to equip you for life as a teacher. Because the States differ in their policies, you will need to apply to the individual State you wish to work in after you qualify. 

Business Analytics Certification 

A business analytics certificate combines business strategy and data analytics into one course that prepares you for the modern business world. It is a branch of management and science that analyzes large quantities of data to gather insights for planning and executing business goals.

The analytics side of it is concerned with optimizing processes and increasing revenue by making savings on operational costs and predicting future trends. These skills are highly sought after in today’s business environment. 

Data Science Certification 

If you are looking for a professional certificate that can virtually guarantee you work for the rest of your life, then consider Data Science.

The world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and that data needs to be organized and analyzed to identify profitable trends. If you can do this, you will be in high demand in many industries.

A professional data science certificate is available from most well-known institutions worldwide and will teach you the basics of what you need to know to enter the industry. Once there, the real learning begins.

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