Promoting Your Nightclub This Winter by

Promoting Your Nightclub This Winter

A nightclub is a wonderful place for people to hang out, enjoy cocktails, and dance the night away – and many people spend every weekend visiting their favourite hotspots. 

If you are looking to open your own venue this year in your local area, it is important to invest in marketing. Running a small business is no mean feat and a nightclub can be a stressful business to launch. 

To ensure success with your new nightclub this year, it is important to get marketing and drumming up interest – and we have some brilliant ways for you to do that. 

Host an event 

When launching a new venue in your local area it is important to allow people to come and see it first hand. Hosting a launch event a few days before your official opening is a great way to drum up interest and begin building an audience before you even open. You can offer a cocktail tasting menu, themed music, and invite a few media outlets such as a local newspaper to take a look and spread the word. Doing this will do wonders for your business in those crucial first weeks and will make a whole lot of difference. 

Create a new menu 

One of the best things you can do when marketing a nightclub is make a new menu for your guests. Of course – nightclubs aren’t food venues as such – but a good snacking menu can do wonders for your business during the cold season. A snacking menu of loaded fries, wings, and nachos will win over all of your customers and can be a great way to gain some extra money for your business. You can even use these food items as food porn on your social media accounts with some well placed images and videos of cheese pulls. 

Devise new drinks 

To drum up extra interest in your business this winter, consider getting creative with your drinks menu. Aside from the obvious choices of boozy hot chocolate or mulled wine for the festive period – you can gather your mixologist team and create some new ideas that people will come back for. One idea could be to take the classic frozen strawberry daiquiri and make a strawberries and cream version with ice cream. There are tons of brilliant ideas to try, and it’s a good excuse to have a tipple or two. 

Use handy software 

To market your business to your customers in this day and age, you need help from technology. There are many amazing apps out there that can help your business- and this bottle service reservation software is just one of them. A bottle service reservation app will allow guests to book a table as well as drinks in advance and have them ready at the table when they arrive at your nightclub. As an incentive for patrons to drink more, you’ll make more money and also your patrons will love the convenience of the service and will be more likely to choose you over another nightclub in the area. 

Use social media 

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool you can utilise in this day and age. It is incredibly important for you to use social media presence for your nightclub because a lot of your target audience will be using Facebook and Instagram every day. Take amazing photographs of your drinks and food to entice customers and be sure to take videos of events, photos of your venue, and share themed night ideas with your followers. The more you engage online through social media, the more approachable you become and the more people will come to your establishment. 

Contact influencers 

Influencers have a bad wrap – but they are a powerful marketing tool you should use for your nightclub. When marketing your venue it is a great idea to invite influencers to come and review your venue and share it with their followers. Influencers are trusted by their audience and as a result when they share your venue, you are likely to get a whole new audience coming to your door. 

Create video content 

Video content is more important than anything these days – and is what people really stop scrolling for. If you want to up your social media game, be sure to share videos of making cocktails, dancing in your club, cheese pulls on nachos… be creative. Video content is powerful and will make people feel as if they are there with you. Consider even getting on tik tok to share some funny videos with your followers. 

Share your story 

As a small business owner looking to make an impression, it is important for you to create a connection. To vamp up your marketing game this winter consider sharing the story of how you opened your nightclub. Creating a real personal connection with your audience garners trust and it will make your audience become more loyal towards you. 

Have a unique angle 

A superhero themed nightclub? Sure. When it comes to opening a new nightclub in what is likely a saturated market – you need a unique angle. Consider making your nightclub a themed one with a specific music genre or a fun decor. You can even add different features to your nightclub such as a mini golf course or dart boards within the premises to allow your guests to enjoy games. There are a lot of amazing things you can do to drum up interest with your brand, and thinking outside the box is crucial. 

Themed nights 

As we said above, themed nights are a great way to bring in a new audience – and you can have nostalgic 70s and 80s nights; fancy dress nights; or even clubbing in the dark. Have fun with your theme and play around to create an event which is unique and makes customers want to come back for more. 

Use these methods to better market your nightclub business this winter and gain some traction and success in the coming months. A nightclub can be a difficult business to run but a rewarding one too. 

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