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Promoting Your Staff’s Wellbeing On an Ongoing Basis

Your team is one of your business’ biggest assets. This goes without saying, no matter what kind of business you run, no matter what goods or services you sell. Every business is entirely reliant on its staff to keep things running smoothly and to help your company progress with new products, great customer service, speedy order fulfilment and all of the other elements that are required to, ultimately, keep your customers happy and to build a good brand reputation.

Of course, a lot of business owners neglect this, thinking their staff should just be happy and grateful for a regular salary. This isn’t the case. There are always other businesses out there recruiting and your staff will leave if they don’t feel they are being treated as they should be. This means that it really is important that you focus on your staff’s wellbeing, happiness and general job satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Here are some tips that will help you with this process.


Of course, it’s a legal requirement for you to provide a safe and health and safety compliant workplace for your staff. This is bare basic responsibility on your part. But there are steps you can take to improve your team’s health in general. Not only will this be appreciated by your staff, but it will also promote their day to day productivity, keeping them fit and healthy over time.

Consider providing your staff with a healthy, workplace breakfast so that they don’t skip this meal of the day. You can offer free or reduced rate gym memberships by partnering with a local gym. You can put on training or health sessions outside of working hours for staff to join if they wish. You can also offer private medical plans that allow your team to seek medical help and assistance more freely and easily as and when required.

Fair Treatment

Treating staff unfairly is going to have a negative impact on their health – both physical health and mental health. Instead, you need to make sure that all staff are treated fairly, free of prejudice and other issues that can easily establish themselves in workplaces.

Make sure that your staff have access to anonymous surveys that allow them to express their dissatisfaction or grievances as and when they arise. You should also look into this survey by GoodHire to learn more about workplace diversity and inclusion.


You should give your staff more than the bare basic. Everyone is aware of the minimum that is required by law, such as minimum wage, minimum annual leave, minimum sick allowance and more. If this is what you provide your staff with, they will know and feel that you are only providing them with what you absolutely have to – and that you don’t want to provide them with any more.

Make sure to offer staff benefits, such as a living wage or increased pension contributions to show you value them.

These are just some starting blocks to work with, but they can make all the difference when it comes to rewarding and promoting your staff’s wellbeing over time.

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