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Marketing Tips For Wellness Businesses

If you are currently working on a business plan for a wellness brand and you can’t wait to get started – there are plenty of marketing tips that will work brilliantly for you! For more medical and healthcare, working with professionals is often the best idea companies like Cardinal Healthcare Marketing have a proven track record. 

And with that said, let’s take a look at some actionable marketing tips for wellness companies. 

Online Community

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when building your wellness brand is always looking for where and how you can build a community. 

It should be somewhere supportive and safe foremost, and a place you can talk about what you do and your product second. Online communities are incredibly powerful and make use of that coveted word-of-mouth marketing that is like gold dust. 

Once you have created a community and it is well maintained, you will see that it is a much easier way to build brand loyalty. 


While exposure doesn’t pay the bills, gaining a bigger audience and being seen will bring in customers. There are thousands of influencers, including micro-influencers, who have dedicated audiences. 

Finding the right person to work with could take some time, but ultimately, you are looking for a long-term relationship here, not a single post. 

It does not just have an Instagram post, though; you should be looking to create content across multiple platforms – and more importantly, if you are approaching the influencers, bring something to their table. As well as the products or services, you’ll need to factor in a budget for long-term arrangements. 

Ahead of working with anyone, make sure that you have drafted up the content you’d like to see and take a look at how you can do it collaboratively. 

Another thing to consider is, don’t just look at the numbers – do they align with your brand well? Does the pairing make sense? 


There are two parts to your brand, one is you, and the other is your business. You are just as important as a brand as your business is, and you should take the time to build both. What qualifications and experience do you have to run this business? Customers will want to see the face behind the brand, and they will want to know how and why you can and want to help them.


Don’t just post and leave; make sure that you interact and offer value. One of the best places to start building your brand is Quora. You can sit for a few hours each week and add some thoughtful responses to questions. 

The more often you do this, the more you will be seen as an expert in the field. Not only that, but over time, your answers will start showing up in search results when people are asking the same questions. 

All of this will help you to build your brand – but also be in touch with the people who matter the most – the customers. 

Guest post

If you have trouble making words work for you, then you can hire a writer to do this bit for you. But, placing informative articles on websites that have a similar audience to you can greatly increase your visibility. 

Not only that, but it can help you form relationships with other companies and content creators in the same industry. 

Make a list of websites that you feel you could create something for, and draft up some proposals. Instead of automating a mass send-out, take the time to write the emails yourself, and make them personal too. 

When pitching, give some details about the articles and when they could be ready by. Keep in mind that some websites will charge for placement, and if that is the case, take a look at their metrics in advance. 

Lead generation 

Wellness products and services are designed to help people, and so part of that is to make sure that you understand exactly how you can achieve that. Lead generation comes in many forms, but one of the best is to use short quizzes to find out what your target audience really needs. 

Collect email addresses (always ask for permission) and send out newsletters and offers to those you already know are interested in the services or products.

Keep in mind that you should be offering something in return for the details. It could be a discount on the product; it might be exclusive access or a competition entry. 

What is important is that you offer value with your lead generation – it is a two-way relationship. 

Part of building your personal brand could be creating extra content: Does Your Business Need A Podcast? – New To HR

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