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Property Management Safety Tips For Landlords

As a landlord, you want to make your tenants happy. This is why you ensure they are comfortable and delighted in their space. Surprisingly, safety may be the last thing you would consider. However, safety remains one of the most important aspects of property management; without it, many compromising situations are bound to occur. 

Over the years, the world has recorded several instances of injuries and harassment experienced by property managers and property owners. These issues range from being beaten by unwanted guests to harm imposed by pets of homeowners. Here are some top tips that you can employ as a project manager or owner to enhance your safety and that of others around you. 

  1. Undertake inspections as a team

Property management involves undertaking periodic property inspections to identify and resolve any issues that can negatively affect your property. Typical inspections focus on everything from drainage to key fob systems. To ensure that these inspections remain safe, they must be done with a well-informed team. Discuss any upcoming property inspections with your team, giving them the chance to provide their input while raising any necessary concerns they might have. Doing this enables your team to tap into past experiences to take the necessary precautions that ensure all potential risks are fully minimized. 

  1. Have emergency numbers on speed dial

Setting your emergency and office numbers on speed dial is one of the top safety tips for property managers. The sole aim is to ensure that you can reach out to critical people at all times, especially when you feel unsafe. In addition to saving numbers on speed dial, you should strive to always have a phone charger in your possession. Ensure that your staff knows where you are whenever you’re out of the office during work hours. This can be done easily via Google maps, Whatsapp location, and Facebook messenger. 

  1. Use the right footwear

The worst experience is when you can’t get out of an uncomfortable situation in time. Imagine being chased by an unchained dog in six-inch heels. As a property manager, wearing the appropriate footwear is a requirement you must always adhere to. Choose flat shoes over heels, and go for footwear that is generally fully enclosed to ensure you’re protected from nails, insects, syringes, and broken items that could be around. 

  1. Know your clients

Every property rented or bought is owned and occupied by humans. As much as possible, strive to know and keep updated information on every client before and after you meet. Getting information before you meet a potential client is essential, as it enables you to know whether or not they pose a major threat to you or your business. Once you know enough to trust that your client has good intentions, you can agree to meet them. For safety reasons, meet these new clients in your company office, where you further get to judge their character and get real first impressions. 

Safety for you and your property must always be paramount, which is why taking pre-emptive measures is always advised. Set bold agency guidelines and policies that will teach every staff member what to be aware of and what they can do whenever they’re faced with potential danger. 

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