Properly Personalising The Work Environment For Your Employees #NewToHR

Properly Personalising The Work Environment For Your Employees

Are you happy with your working conditions? Most likely that you are, seeing as you created them and enforce them on a weekly basis! But are you sure that your employees feel the same way?

Because if they don’t, there’s a chance you’ve got a gaping wound in the efficiency of your office environment. 

Your employees are the bread and butter of your business, and without them, you wouldn’t be half as efficient a company as you are now!

  • And because of that, it’s important to reach out to them, and make sure they feel as appreciated and respected as is appropriate. 
  • And what’s one of the best ways to make sure of this?

Why, it’s making an effort to properly personalise the workplace according to each and every one of their needs.

Every person who works for you is different, and they all bring something to the table; be sure to give that back by providing just the right working conditions. 

A happy employee means a very happy business model!

Listen to Their Individual Needs

You  have all kinds of people working for you, and all of them come from different backgrounds and have different levels of health and wellbeing.

Someone in your office might have ADHD, or someone might be in a wheelchair – they are going to have different working needs compared to someone without ADHD, and who doesn’t need the support of a wheelchair to get them around.

But what can you do to be inclusive? 

Well, there is a lot of specialised office furniture out there, or even a bit of technology that could help them along.

  • For example, if they have health needs and need extra support for working at a desk or sitting in a conference room for hours on end, provide them with something ergonomic or disability inclined!

Just taking a look around an Aged Care Furniture shop will help you to find something cost effective and employee productive – everyone deserves to have a comfortable working environment! 

Keep Your Managers Aware

If you employ managers to help keep your teams on the go, and you have senior employee figures in the office on the days you’re not there personally to oversee things, you’re going to need to keep them in the know. If someone has a specialised working need, such as longer break times or the use of an app on their phone to help keep them on task, your managers need to be made aware of this. 

Messages need to be spread around your senior management team, to ensure a cohesive working environment is always on the go, and that little to no disruptions are afforded to your employees based on a lack of knowledge. After all, if a manager switches someone’s ergonomic chair for a different one, they’re not helping to promote the personalisation your office needs!

The working environment needs to value employees, and who they actually are as people. Make sure you work towards this. 

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