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Protecting Your Employees In The Covid Era

There are many important reasons to do everything you can to keep your employees safe right now. Of course, the first is the ethical responsibility of employers or those acting in their stead. Then there is the damage to our business’s reputations and productivity that both illness and workplace stress due to inadequate safety measures can cause.

The good news is that it’s actually a lot easier to keep your employees safe during the COVID era that you might think. Keep reading for some ideas. 


One of the most straightforward ways of protecting your employees in the COVID-19 era is to use automation wherever possible. After all, if your workers do not interact with others or items that could be contaminated, the infection risk is less. 

The good news is that there are many ways that you can use automation in your business. These include robots on assembly lines, to automated IT. The latter taking physical tasks such as collecting and processing invoices and completing them entirely on the computer. 

In fact, this is precisely what OnPay Solutions for your accounts payable department does.

This means that your employees won’t need to handle paper invoices sent in the mail from other businesses, or use paper cheques to pay your creditors. Thus providing a safer and less stressful for your employees in this time of COVID-19. 

Encourage safe behavior 

There is a lot to be said for encouragement when it comes to safe practices relating to COVID-19. In fact, as an employer, you can make all the difference by explicitly and implicitly encouraging your employees to work as safely as possible. 

This means rewarding outwardly safe behavior such as wearing masks and using PPE where necessary.

It also means that the demands you place on your employees do not make it hard to choose the safest options. That is, you allow them to work a little slower and more mindfully so they can keep to the safety measure that you have put in place. 

Also, it is essential to not penalize people for choosing safer options. These may include driving to work alone rather than car-sharing or even working from home. 

Remote working 

Finally,  if you are looking to protect your workers in this type of COVID, allowing remote working is one of the best options. Yes, it’s true that many businesses are taking steps to get back to normal and asking employees to come back into the office. 

However, this is a move that needs to be carefully considered, and the benefits and disadvantages weighed up. After all, social distance measures are still in place and ever-changing.

In fact, in many cases, regional locations are experiencing a renewal of stricter lockdowns. Something that demonstrates restricting content between people is the safest course of action. 

Additionally, many companies have found that productivity is exceptionally high when they allow employees to work from home.

Not to mention that those worried about infection can better manage their stress levels in the way. This being something that can really pay off in terms of mental health protection in the long term for your employees. 

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