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Tips To Throw A Virtual Work Bash

It’s weird to think we’re in this situation, right? The pandemic that has swept the globe has thrown everything on its axis, and we’re still in this mess. As we adapt and businesses struggle through the challenges that the pandemic throws, the annual work bash that usually happens around the festive time is one that’s unlikely to happen for many. Due to social-distancing rules, virtual parties might have to become the new trend and so if you’re looking to throw a virtual work bash, here are some tips.

Ask Staff To Come Dressed Up

A party isn’t as fun when you’re in your loungewear, and it can be difficult to get into the mood for a party when you’re not dressed in your fancy attire. So like any standard party, there would usually be a dress code, right?

Well, make no excuses, every employee who ends up attending the virtual work party should come in the right attire. Yes, they might be in their boxers or pajama bottoms from the waist down but as long as they’re making an effort to at least wear a party outfit, that’s all that matters.

It’s more to help with the excitement of attending an event, even though it’s over the computer, getting ready and dressing up can be part of the fun that people enjoy when it comes to big nights out usually. Make it part of the experience and make sure everyone’s got the memo when it comes to the dress code.

Of course, you can give your workers the freedom to wear what makes them comfortable as long as it’s appropriate. But it’s best to create a more uniform look. This way, no one’s appearance will ‘offend’ or make anyone uncomfortable. Consider creating custom t-shirts for everyone who wishes to attend and have them delivered to your workers days before the virtual work bash. A uniform look can make everyone feel more included.

Get Some Ice-Breakers

Work parties can often be a bit of an awkward affair when you don’t know everyone and throw in a zoom conference setup, and it can be even more uncomfortable for some. It’s worth trying to throw in some ice-breakers to get the party started when making your introductions.

It can be good to introduce those who’ve not met before so that they can get friendly with one another. That way, you avoid any of those situations where small talk needs to be made, and that’s something that’s important with one of the later points in this article.

There are lots of ice-breaker suggestions of games and activities to do so do a bit of research into the best ones and use them as the start of your virtual work bash.

Don’t Forget The Photo Booth

No party is ever really complete without embarrassing work photos, right?

Why not have some fun with a virtual photo booth. Sounds weird, but entertain the idea of having a virtual photo opportunity with your friends or just you on your own. Imagine seeing those photos the next morning with a sore head. It can be a great way to get people together virtually for photos and to make memories.

Even in this odd scenario, virtual photo booths can still be highly entertaining and a fun experience overall.

Look at the options available and get your staff to be creative with what they pick out as their own props for the photos themselves. Your employees are going to have a lot of fun, even if the premise sounds a little strange at first.

Send Some Treats Pre-Party

As your staff are all going to be partying from home, it’s always worth sending them over a pre-party treat if you’re able to. It could be a small bottle of fizz, or perhaps a snack and drinks hamper to help them have a fun night in their own home. It can be a great way of saying thank you to your staff for their hard work during this tough time, especially as they’ve been working harder than usual in most cases due to not switching off at home.

Create Separate Virtual Spaces

With technology the way it is, there are so many opportunities to really go all out on your virtual work bash. You could think about setting up a virtual space, like you would see on most chatroom games, where your avatars walk about and chat in separate rooms. It can help for those who might not want to be in a big conference video call with dozens of other people. And of course, it can help conversations to branch off into smaller groups.

Throwing a virtual work bash is likely to be the new norm for the time being until everything gets back to normal. Why not use these tips as a great way to celebrate your company making it through the storm of COVID-19 and hopefully coming out alive!

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