Recruiting From Unexpected Places And What Benefits It Can Bring by

Recruiting From Unexpected Places And What Benefits It Can Bring

For recruiters, finding new talent is a never-ending job. All-day, every day, you sit at your computer reading through resume after resume seeking the right candidates for the position. Often, the perfect person never arrives, but you’ve got to find someone, and so at this point, the most qualified will do. 

There’s such a thing as identifying the wrong person, though. Most recruiters will tell you this has happened far too often because there’s only so much you can tell from a resume. You need to see them in action to gauge whether they’re the right fit, which is why traditional recruitment methods are not always ideal. 

Not everyone uses LinkedIn, and not everyone spends their weekends writing cover letter after cover letter and sending them off to employers. Instead, they could be right next to you, or at least not very far away. 

Those Passing By

Think of how many people you see every day. Now consider how many of those people you see regularly. Whether it’s standing behind them in the coffee shop or sitting opposite them on the first train into the city, they are there. 

Now consider if you’ve ever spoken to them other than a courteous, good morning nod here and there and think what you could be missing out on. The world needs more people to connect face to face. While it might seem a little odd at first, you could easily find your next rising star hidden among the train carriages. You never know if they’re looking to buy if you don’t promote your business when possible. 

Friends Of Friends Of Friends (Of Friends)

As much as friends, relatives, and friends of friends and relatives can often be peripheral influences on most of your professional life, finding diamonds in the rough of these connections could prove to be invaluable in the long run. 

You don’t want to miss out on a potential opportunity to find the Next Big Thing, so giving someone a chance, regardless of age or experience (if possible), is something to consider.

Often, your industry doesn’t matter as they have the right skills to succeed in the job. This is why ACS graduates are also suited to Emergency Services or working in mechanics, or why Theater majors are often excellent teachers. 

At Your Service

You can also consider getting to know the people you see once or twice a year. These are people such as your dentist, your mechanic, your accountant. Basically, anyone who you don’t think of often, but are sure to see them at least once during the year. 

The fact is, these people are more than just someone doing a service for you. They have reaching influence with other people, and they might have connections to others in their vast network of clients that are perfect for what you’re looking for. 

However, this will only work if you’re personable to them. The better the relationship you build with these people, the better chance you’ll have of striking gold in your recruitment endeavors. 

The Unexpected Benefits Outside the Box

Stepping away from the traditional and frankly tedious practice of reading through a thousand resumes to find one ideal candidate will reinvigorate your selection process and demonstrate it’s not always about who looks good on paper. 

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