Setting Up Your Brand New Office In 5 Easy Steps by

Setting Up Your Brand New Office In 5 Easy Steps

It’s an extremely exciting time to be a business owner and ready to scale up your business. What’s not so exciting is being a business owner who has to pack up the office space and move to a new one. Setting up a new office takes time and effort, and it’s so crucial that you get this right so that your business activity isn’t interrupted for too long.

For a successful office move, you need to be organized. It takes more than a quickly scribbled list on a Post-It to get this move underway – you’ll need some time to get this one right! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five steps that you need to take to set up your brand new office.

Start With A List

Lists are your friend here, and the first list that you need to write is the one that details all of your business activity.

Green Potted Plant on White Wooden Table

What do you need to keep this flowing well?

Once you know your business, you can ensure that you order the right equipment for every area of the office.

Equipment is the main thing that your brand new office needs, so make that list count for every single desk, pot plant and piece of technology that you’ll need.

Make Your Floor Plan

Your office space needs to have a plan. It would help if you mapped out where all the departments are going to sit, where the technology will be, where the additional pot plants will go – all of it matters.

You want your business to be productive, so make it so with a drawn-out plan to offer you a visual. Don’t forget to include the meeting rooms and the kitchen, too!

Install Internet!

Your business NEEDS a good broadband provider. You should make sure that you ensure that you install great business broadband with companies like Lingo Communications to keep everything flowing well.

Before you sign a lease, check which internet service provider will be the right one that connects to your office long before you move into the building.

You cannot function as a business without the right internet connection, especially if you do everything online as most companies do!

Install Communications Systems

Your office needs to have the right communications systems in place, and you have several options in front of you! You need to schedule it so that your software is installed and ready to go in time for your move.

The last thing that you want is to get there and have your business held up. Your options include VoIP instead of the usual phone service and internal communication software that will ensure you can get hold of your staff.

Install The Furniture

You made a list earlier that said what equipment and furniture you need. Now, you need to find the right office furniture company to get all of it installed before the big day!

An office move should be as smooth as possible, and that involves ensuring everyone has a desk to sit at!

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