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Tradies: Never Stop Advancing

Working in trade work has never been more appealing, but we will say that it’s very much a man’s world still. Although this world has become more about equality than it has ever been before, and both men and women are respected in all fields, there are certain careers that are just more appealing to men than they are women, and working onsite or as a tradesman is one of them. Men are still in the name!

However, anyone can go into this, and we know how much of a lucrative career it can be. There are equal opportunities for both self-employed work and work on the books, and both have their perks.

If there is one thing that can be said, it’s that tradies have a tough time making sure that their work is the work that people are choosing. They can find themselves in both commercial and residential environments that require skill and perfection to ensure they’re allowed to return to that environment.

Everything they achieve goes off the reputation and their ability to interact with people.

So, we’re going to show you how you, as a tradie, can always make sure that you’re advancing through your career.

Never Stop Learning

Once you know your trade it’s easy to think that all you need to do is learn on the job.

But if you’re self-employed and have the view of being able to work with a team of people and create your own limited company, then you need to make sure you’re always learning so that you can be the best that you can be. is just one of the websites you could visit if you’re an electrician and are looking to expand your knowledge so that you can work with different systems.

That’s another reason you should be seeking out the chance to learn more.

Often you have to have specific qualifications to work with equipment or to work on certain buildings, and without taking the time to put yourself onto those courses you’re never going to be able to expand the areas that you can work in.

Expand Your Reach

This follows on nicely from the last section. You need to be able to expand your reach, and often that means spreading across the commercial and residential sectors.

You’ll often find that people who have established themselves as a business will only work in one sector when the big money might be in the other.

More business opportunities are going to come when you do reach across both. All you have to do is use simple tactics such as handing out business cards, getting to know people onsite and working hard to make sure that you have a good reputation.

Quality Services

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re providing quality services if you want to advance.

The term ‘cowboy builder’ springs to mind when thinking about the opposite of what you should be.

When thinking about trade work customers go largely off reputation and word of mouth. So everything from the way that you act to the quality of the work that you do is going to influence how they see you as a business.

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