ShowTime. Making A Seismic Impact At Your First Trade Show by

Showtime! Making A Seismic Impact At Your First Trade Show

Part of expanding your business is all about acquiring some crucial networking chops. Finding how to make an impact through networking can be a big challenge. And when you are looking to make a significant impact with minimal effort, while this doesn’t sound like a realistic prospect, when you look at something like a trade show you could very well drum up a lot of support in a very short space of time. There is a reason why people go to trade shows to get as much exposure for their business when they are fresh out of the gates.

And as a trade show becomes one of the most important ways to make or break your business, what can you do to ensure that you get a decent return on your investment but also acquire significant custom when it’s showtime?

Make An Impressive Exhibit

Designing something that’s eye-popping can make all the difference. You need to communicate what your business is all about, but at the same time, you need something that will stand out. You can peruse custom exhibits from Team One and other exhibit design houses. But you need to think about what you want to spend your budget on.

  • Do you want bold graphics, unique elements to your exhibition, or additional audiovisual elements that will communicate your presence to the very back of the venue?

Regardless of your budget, you need to maximize your impact by investing in the right materials to draw attention. It so easy for us to skimp on the finances, but we have to remember that people will look at our stall first before they make a judgment.

Choose An Ideal Booth Location

It’s all about getting good foot traffic. You want to be in a highly visible area. You may want to choose a location that’s near to the entrance, or near to a very popular brand. Also, think about the convenience from the perspective of an average punter- you may want to put your exhibit by a food station or the toilet!

The big problem many booths have is that they can get stuck at the very back of the venue. When people come in, by the time they’ve got halfway around, they may not want to venture any further. So think about that foot traffic and be very picky about where your location is.

Promoting Yourself Properly

Promotion is vital in any arena but while you may think that a trade show is all about getting instant custom in person, you may want to prepare for this event beforehand. Many trade shows allow businesses to purchase a list of those attending. That way, you get a better idea of the demographics of the attendees, but you can also start promoting your presence by emailing, using social media, and getting to the right people.

You should also remember to call clients. Even if you’ve got a good working relationship with the client, it’s likely they will have someone coming to the show so by touching base with them at the event, you are not just looking out for number one, but you are using this trade show as an opportunity to maintain important business relationships.

We have to reach as many people as possible, and while word-of-mouth is fantastic during the course of the event, we still need to get as many people interested way before they show up at the gates.

Find Ways To Get Interest

Drumming up interest is done way before the event, and you can do this in various ways. A very simple one is a giveaway. And as easy as it is to give away a tablet, you might want to think about something a bit more impressive. Think about brand name items or the latest gadgets.

Think about these things that will attract interest, but are also suitable for the industry in which you operate. It’s so easy to give away pens and notepads, but this should be par for the course.

Investing in a great giveaway, as well as an interesting competition, can engage people far more. It’s also important to note that the entrants have to be present at a specific day and time in order to win. This means that you will get more people coming to your booth, which will pique the interest of any other passers-by.

Remember The Attitude Of Your Workers

Of all the superficial components that we can put in place, if your staff members don’t exude enthusiasm and energy, this will undo all of your preparation. You don’t need people to be boundless and jump around the room grabbing people, but a friendly manner will go a long way. We can hire event staff to take over this component for us, but when we have people that don’t know how the business operates, this can come across badly.

It’s worth bringing people in from the office, but ensure that you pick the right people that have the right attitude. While your business may very well be technical, you don’t want a staff member boring some poor person to tears through excessive descriptions of things nobody cares about!

Finding people that have that natural enthusiasm and energy but also know what they’re talking about can be hard to find but this will definitely encourage people to visit the booth, engage in conversation, and help to bolster the brand.

With all of these components, we can neglect the simple things. During a trade show, people walk around, and so they are going to work up a hunger or thirst. You may want to think about offering drinks and snacks so people will feel inclined to stop and talk.

If you have the budget, you can do something like a happy hour, and hire a company to cater it for you. When we think about making a seismic impact, we can very well neglect the smaller things. When you’re trying to communicate your business, drum up support, and get networking, it may not always be about the big, bold, and brash. 

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