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Surprising Things That Will Make Your Employees Miserable

The last thing you want in any organization is for employees to be unhappy. When employees are unhappy, they are not as productive as they could be; they are more likely to take sick days; they are more likely to leave the organization forcing you to recruit again. It is not a good position to be in.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more surprising things that can lead to staff unhappiness, so you can avoid letting them happen in your workplace…


Banter might seem like a fun way of bonding by making jokes and having fun, but it can so often become unnecessarily mean or make people feel uncomfortable which is why it is so important to lay out what is and is not appropriate in a workplace setting and keep things as professional, while still being friendly, as possible.

A lack of cleanliness

This should not be surprising, but so many companies do not take keeping their spaces clean and tidy as seriously as they should and it can be seriously demoralizing. So many people go to HR complaining about cluttered offices, overflowing bins, and dirty toilets and they are never happy about the situation.

Keep them happy by hiring a good commercial cleaning company and ensuring that the office is always as spotless as it can possibly be and you will notice a huge improvement in happiness levels.

Missing their pets

Many people have dogs and many people miss their dogs when they are at work, which can make them feel miserable about their careers.

That is why so many more organizations are allowing their employees to bring their pets to work for at least part of the week. This may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but studies have shown employees are happier, less stressed, and more productive when they can have their animals in the office. 

Teambuilding events

Okay, so every HR person knows that it is important to build teams in the workplace. That being said, many of the teambuilding activities that are so commonly used in the world of work are excruciating for staff who hate the mere thought of them.

They often do not want to go out and do an assault course or build an Eiffel Tower out of lollipop sticks., and the more often they have to do those kinds of things, the or miserable they feel. Doing things like going out for pizza or bowling or having drinks in the office are often much more well-received and less likely to make the team miserable.

Too much freedom

Most employees like to have autonomy over their working day, but they also like to have a clear idea of what is expected of them and how they need to achieve that too, so let them have a loose leash, but be there to guide and support them if you want them to be happy, too.

If you can prevent any of these situations from arising in your organization, then you can keep your employees happy, which will boost productivity levels, save you money, and help you to run a more successful business overall!

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