The Best In Government Jobs For 2020 by #NewToHR

The Best In Government Jobs For 2020

Working for the government is a highly-sought after career choice for many, regardless of age, socio-economic status or level of interest. We all know that government jobs offer the best pay, benefits and job security, and because of this, they are among the most highly sought after positions out there.

Lucky for young people and those fresh out of college, government jobs are constantly emerging that are fresh, engaging and new – because technology is always changing – ever-evolving – there are a number of new jobs in the government sector that are in increasingly high demand.

Below, we’ve outlined a few of these trendy new government jobs that might just be perfect for you. 

Government IT 

Government IT is an area that is growing rapidly, with tons of jobs available in a variety of mediums.

With resources like MeriTalk and others, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in government and look for positions that might be perfect for you.

IT is a hugely popular field as it is, but when you add the government aspect to it, it adds up to a well-paying job with fantastic benefits. Working in government IT, you’ll always be working at a fast-pace and never bored for a moment! 

Technology and Engineering

Tech and engineering is another hugely popular field, but working for the government adds a wow factor to this already fascinating career.

Whether you take a military job, engineering or designing important military equipment, or work in the private sector, these jobs have great pay, exciting perks and excellent benefits.

Of course, you’ll need an advanced degree and plenty of experience to nab one of these awesome jobs, but the hard work will definitely be worth your while. 


People don’t automatically think of education when they think of government jobs, but it’s one area that is always recruiting. Government teaching jobs are often lucrative and well-respected, and working for the government insures better pay and benefits than working in public school or university. 

There’s opportunity for growth as well, with jobs available in state and local governments to help fine tune education programs and support public schools. 


Healthcare Government jobs are on the rise, too.

Private military and government hospitals and healthcare facilities are always in need of nurses, practitioners, doctors, insurance and administrative employees, and more. These healthcare jobs provide good security and pay while being fast-paced and rewarding; you’ll be giving back to your community by helping people feel better.

No matter where you’re located, or what your speciality field is, you should be able to find a decent government healthcare job that’s right for you. 

These are just a few of the ever-growing and exciting government-related careers. All of these are growing rapidly and can provide great opportunities for someone fresh out of school and ready to make a permanent career choice.

Many other areas are showing growth in recent years, so no matter where your interests or passions lie, you can find a great job within the government. 

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