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Tips When Giving Your Staff Company Vehicles

Buying a company vehicle for your staff can be handy for your business in different ways, but it’s important to know exactly what you can do to make them benefit your company, rather than to hinder it. Here are some tips when giving your staff company vehicles.

Do Some Research 

It’s good to do some research on company vehicles because there is going to be plenty to choose from, and these vehicles might be something your business has never had to deal with before. Vehicles like vans and motorcycles, for example, are all going to differ from each other in what’s available and how you can make them work for your staff.

So firstly start off with a bit of research into what you need exactly in order for them to help your staff.

Secondly, you want to be able to have a budget in your mind of what you have available in order to get the relevant vehicles. All of this should be done before you start signing any contracts or paying for any vehicles.

Don’t Hand Them Out To Everyone

Company vehicles shouldn’t be for each and every staff member because when it comes down to it, they need to be deserving of the vehicle.

They can be very costly on a business, and you can click here to see what might be necessary for the vehicles themselves.

It’s not worth handing them out to everyone, and so you want to pick a select through who are at the level to have a car but also need it to help benefit their role.

For example, you may have some staff members who travel across the country or nearby for work, and the amount it can cost in train tickets might be more than what it would cost to lease and run a car.

Consider A Car Allowance

A car allowance is different from actually owning the vehicles. The vehicles may be more expensive when owned or leased, but it actually may be beneficial to offer your staff a car allowance.

Some staff members may need a car regardless, and some may have them to use outside of the workplace. If you were willing to offer a certain amount per year to go towards fuel or the cost of buying a car, your staff might be willing to do that if it benefits them.

Strike A Deal With The Manufacturer Or Supplier

One way of cutting the costs of company vehicles is to try and strike a deal with the manufacturer or supplier of the vehicles if you are getting more than one. They may be able to offer you a business rate or discount on these vehicles, and that might be a saving you want to make in order to supply more of your staff with the vehicle.

Giving your staff a company vehicle is something you want to think about carefully. It’s important not to make the mistakes, so use these tips to help get the right option for your business.

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