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The Best Way To Test An App

App development is something that we should all consider as a new avenue as a brand, Developing an app to interact with customers on a more personal level is always a great idea and it can open you up to a whole new wave of customers as time goes by. This is why today we are going to take a look at app development and the most important step of all: testing.

Here are some of the best practices you should use when testing your app to ensure it does what it should and provides a good customer experience. 

1. Use your device

Thes main mistake people use when testing an app for efficiency and usability is not using a phone to do it. There are plenty of development applications that will provide you with emulators, but these will never truly capture the experience of using a real device.

Make sure when you test an app that you use the device you plan to run it with. You can also use a company like Global App Testing to help you with this across multiple devices. 

2. Manage your time 

When testing an app, it is important not to go over the top and spend hours of your time browsing the app without actually making useful changes. Go to the app, test the features you want to test, make changes, and go away. That’s all you need to do! 

3. Make sure it does what it says on the tin

The most important thing when developing an app is making sure it does what it is supposed to do. If the app is supposed to compare prices of supermarket items, make sure that it does this with accurate and up-to-date data. You can worry about things such as design and flow, later on, just nail the important things first. 

4. Think of the user

The most important person in the app development process is the end-user. You have to make sure that your application works well for the user and provides them with what they want and need.

For example, make sure that you consider navigation through the app, menus, search boxes, and imagery.

  • Is the app nice to look at?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it load quickly? 

5. Try destructive use 

One handy way to test an app and its ability to adapt is to hit it with a proverbial hammer. In other words, open up the app and go crazy pressing buttons and options. A well-coded app should be able to cope with erratic use like this without crashing and it will be a true test of the usefulness of the coding. 

6. Be thorough

Every single image should be the right size, every link should work, every product should be presented well. The trick to making a good app is thorough testing, double testing, and then triple testing. Make sure that you take your time and don’t leave any stone unturned. 

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