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The Digital HR Revolution

Transactional and administrate human resources has changed in recent years. With a heavy dependence on dot coms, tech systems and all manner of electronic communication techniques, the digital HR revolution is here, and it’s changing the way we work.

Today’s fresh-faced and newly hired people professionals are looking at the industry with Google glasses, having grown up with technology, social media and programming systems. As the high tech world infiltrates more of the traditional HR processes, departments are advancing at a rapid pace, transforming the way we connect with candidates, employees and each other.

The 24/7 workplace environment
The new on demand workplace is “a more sophisticated approach to managing all aspects of the workforce, including the hourly, contingent and contract workforce,” according to Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends Study.

The workforce can now access their emails, tasks and projects 24/7 using their smartphones and tablets, massively increasing productivity and transforming the office landscape. While this has proven to be a great advancement for business, the shift to a constantly “on” staff is threatening the western work/life balance concept that HR has spent so much time trying to defend and implement for the emotional and physical wellness of employees.

The rising influence of People Operations data
Deloitte’s study found that data is one of the biggest tech dependencies in the HR sphere. Information gathered from “social networks and external job sites is vital to understanding retention, engagement, and employee career needs.”

This information is a finely accurate and detailed approach to how todays HR departments make decisions, who they hire and how they keep them, revolutionizing the industry as it’s now easier than ever to make educated choices for our workforce and the advancement of the organization. Capgemini, estimate that by 2015, Big Data will have created 4.4 million jobs.


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Measuring the impact of technology in human resources
With such rapid expansion, HR departments must keep a close eye on the development of digital process within their function. Oxford Economics found that 80% of executives in the HR industry regard their staff as open to technologies that seek to improve workforce planning, and 77% of those planned to measure the impact of these initiatives over the next three years.

The importance of tracking the successes and failures of these new technologies is similar to that of assessing the strengths and shortfalls in all other HR policies, and can be done so through employee satisfaction surveys and computer assessments.

Keeping in mind that just because it is computerized, does not mean that it is the right method for your particular organization.

HR will continue to be developed through new and innovative technological processes over the next few years, and executives must stay ahead of the curve in order to keep their own personal development relevant. A team and department that are evolved and open to change is more likely to attract and retain the best talent in the new world of work.

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