The Many Advantages Of A seasonal marketing campaign by

The Many Advantages Of A Seasonal Marketing Campaign

It seems that with the rise of social media and sites like Twitter, we are hearing more and more about new events on the calendar. From National Nutella day to Easter Sunday, there are a whole host of ‘days’ that we can be celebrating. Because of the rise of more and more of these days (Grandparents day, anyone), it can leave some people feeling pretty skeptical as they can just be seen as a ploy to make money. But when you break it down, even if you are a bit of a Valentine’s hater or a grim reaper at Halloween, there is no getting away from the fact that these days do offer the chance to boost sales, whether that is big or small sales. So from a marketing point of view they can be really worth doing.

As an example, believe it or not, in terms of retail sales, Halloween is one of the most profitable times after Christmas. So just making some small changes to make your business relevant to that time of year, can be an easy win. With all of this in mind, here are just some of the ways that you can make the most of seasonal marketing to give your business a boost.

Creating Immediacy

When consumers are presented with information that is shown to be for a limited amount of time or a deal with an expiry date, it can cause a reaction to buy it now. Seasonal things will always have an expiry date on them, and this can be anything that is relevant to your business. It doesn’t just have to be the main holidays that you are thinking of; anything from a summer sale to back to school discounts to money off pumpkins in October. As long as it is seasonal and there is an expiry on it, things are going to sell.

Adapting to Consumer Needs

Your customers don’t need or want the same things throughout the year. And any business, whether big or small will need to look to adapt what they offer throughout the year. There is always going to be some planning needing for your marketing, and for seasonal promotions, this isn’t going to be much different. You could also offer a wider range for things at certain times of the year, like graduation banners at the right time of year, rather than just promotional ones or banners for parties. Then just make sure that you have the right channels to promote your offers, with your own banners, as well as social media and local press.

Entice New Customers

If there are people that walk past your store every day and never come in, then these are the kinds of customers that you can entice to shop with you when you have seasonal marketing campaigns. They may not want what you sell all year round, but new and exciting seasonal items, that are promoted well, could be the way to get them in the door of your store.

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