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The Top Benefits Of Remote Working For Your Company

Remote working has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. For the employer, remote working can lead to higher employee satisfaction rates and lower business expenses. For the employee, many more benefits come with remote work, such as a decreased carbon footprint and increased productivity. This blog post will be discussing what these top benefits are so you can see if remote working is right for your company.

A Boost in Productivity

Digital solutions like Reworked can help you manage and engage your employees better remotely, so it’s best to invest in such to improve productivity.

Remote working boosts productivity in many ways. First, remote workers have fewer distractions to distract them from their work and lower stress levels as they can manage the time spent on tasks more effectively than if they were in an office environment. 

Second, employees who spend less time commuting benefit from a higher-quality diet which leads to better mental health and significantly improved performance at school or work. Finally, people can focus on what is most important for them and put in those extra hours where it matters most rather than putting additional pressure upon themselves by trying to be perfect all day long.

An Increase in Employee Satisfaction

Remote workers are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than office employees, as they have the flexibility and independence that an office job might not offer.

This also means remote working gives them a healthier work-life balance. Again, this is because there’s no commute time or pressure of being in an atmosphere where people can see what you do all day.

As shown in the study by Gallup, people who have more flexibility at work are happier employees. The flexible hours also allow for a decreased likelihood of absenteeism and tardiness. That means less time spent on disciplinary action within your company. 

Employees will feel better about their jobs because it fits their lifestyle or other responsibilities outside of work, like caring for children or elderly parents. 

A Decrease in Carbon Footprint

Remote working creates the best working space for your employees as it decreases dependency on public transportation or commuting by car, where traffic congestion causes gas emissions. For this reason alone, more companies are considering flexible work hours or enabling telecommuting options such as video conferencing. Remote work can also decrease the need for office space and equipment, which saves on rent.

There are other benefits as well: remote work decreases dependence on public transportation or commuting by car where traffic congestion causes gas emissions, it improves employee satisfaction with their job because they have more control over when and how they work, and there is an increase in productivity due to a decreased commute time of six minutes per day (on average). In addition, there is evidence that suggests workers who telecommute report less stress than those who work at home or from another location. 

Remote working can reduce the carbon footprint of a company. Working remotely means that employees don’t need to commute from one location to another, which reduces emissions by vehicles or public transport.


In conclusion, there are plenty of benefits that come with remote working, so it’s worth exploring how you could implement this in your company.

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