Three Motivating Ideas To Help You Stay Interested In Your Job

Three Motivating Ideas To Help You Stay Interested In Your Job

Whether you love your job or you’re just hanging in there for the check at the end of each month, boredom can be a drain on your productivity and sap any joy that your work could offer.

These ideas will help you stay motivated when you feel the urge to rest your head on the desk (or read tips on the Internet).

Learn Something New

Nothing banishes boredom as effectively as learning a new skill. Whether it’s writing code, photo editing or using WordPress, there’s sure to be a skill out there that can add value to your role and keep you motivated.

  • You may opt to hone an existing skillset, or you might like to take up a completely new skill that could open new doors for you in the job market. In your current role, your new skill may result in your boss giving you more responsibility—which means higher pay—and a great deal of added satisfaction.
  • You may find that your new skill bumps you up the list of candidates for another job that appeals to you more than your current one, and is more suited to your vision for your life going forward.

It’s also possible that your new amazing skills will help you make the leap and open your own business. 

Introduce Fun Whenever You Can

The golden rule when it comes to banishing boredom in the workplace is to show your personality whenever circumstances allow for it. If you have to do a presentation, make your slides fun and refreshing.

Order your own square stickers and give your stationery a personal feel. Revamp your desk by chucking out yesterday’s memos and Post-its, and pinning up some inspiring images or quotes. Introduce a touch of green with an indoor plant for a reliable mood enhancer.

Staying engaged and interested in your work can come down to taking every opportunity to inject a little flair and personality into your day and spark your creativity.

Embrace a Challenge

When you’re unmotivated and bored, doing a difficult task is probably the last thing you feel like. However, if you can bring yourself to tackle a new challenge, your boredom won’t hang around long.

While it may be tempting to take the foot off the peddle and say, ‘I don’t get to decide what’s in my job description, I simply do what I’m told,’ your manager is more than likely going to be impressed when you decide to show a little initiative and request a new project, or suggest a new challenge you’d like to take on.

Your new challenge doesn’t even need to related to your actual job.

For example, you could take on the challenge of trying to make your company more eco-friendly. Not only are you showing your boss that you are independent, but you’re also demonstrating that you can manage your own time and goals.

An independent project is also a great opportunity to improve your CV, which could help you get the job of your dreams in future.

Whether you’re coining it in a high-powered job or you earn minimum wage, these tips will help you keep boredom at bay and feel more engaged in your work.

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