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Wrap It With Love To Impress

It’s not what you give; it’s how you give it that matters. 

While the saying rarely applies to packaging and wrapping strategies in the business world, there is no denying that companies are missing out on the opportunity to boost their brand reputation. Indeed, in a society where packaging plays a significant role in product presentation, merchandising campaigns, and overall customer interactions, it has become foolish to ignore its importance for your business. 

More often than not, packaging or any form of wrapping that isolates the product from direct touch is perceived as a necessary health and safety addition that can be used as a branding opportunity. However, there is a lot more that businesses could do with packaging and wrapping to appeal to their audience and boost their brand image. 

Thank them for their presence

Trade shows and other corporate events are often described as long and dull by visitors.

Your audience is likely to receive a dozen of different merchandising items during their visits, including a large volume of branded pens – which are a favorite! The question is: What will happen to the freebies they receive?

The answer, as disappointing as it might be, is that most of it will, unfortunately, land in the bin. There are only so many cheap stationery items that someone needs!

However, you can provide a useful and valuable addition with a practical bag that can make their day easier. Indeed, a document bag or a document folder, for instance, is the perfect solution to loose flyers and brochures for conference attendees. More importantly, you can also use the bag at the start of the conference to give visitors a notebook and pen to take notes.

Another fantastic idea is to distribute sturdy and elegant tote bags that visitors are more likely to keep – to avoid buying a plastic bag next time they do their grocery shopping.

A thoughtful packaging solution that helps people to carry on with their days is precisely what you need to stand out from the crowd! 

Make your merch memorable

Admittedly, a tote bag doesn’t replace a branded gift. However, branded gifts should be handled carefully. If you are going to make an impression, you need to choose a situation in which your gift can stand out. In other words, it’s best to avoid the sempiternal pen at a trade show. However, you can hand branded stationery, snacks, or even DIY tools as part of a business pitch, for instance.

It’s a good idea to stage your merch, using a clear poly bag as a display to give it a polished look. Ideally, your merch is more likely to impress when it comes with its own presentation set. A clear bag is a simple and effective set that provides protection and organization. 

Offer a gift wrapping service

Birthdays, celebrations, Christmas, there are so many opportunities to give presents in a year. However, a lot of customers tend to shop for gifts at the last minute.

It’s a race against time to secure a decent enough card and some wrapping paper before heading to their dinner party.

You can, however, make things easier for your customers by offering a gift-wrapping service, either in-store or on your website. Ideally, you want to have a selection of wrapping papers, including seasonal patterns and gender-specific patterns, which are some of the most popular choices. Keep your wrapping stock minimal by focusing on simple color combos and wordings.

For customers, it’s a weight off their shoulders!

A lot of people struggle to wrap gifts! Additionally, you can make their shopping more manageable by offering adds-on, such as a personalized greeting card, or the option to order ahead for collection. 

Love your environment

Last but not least, people such as Greta Thunberg have helped to raise awareness about environmental issues. Greta is dedicated to reducing carbon footprint and pollution.

Keeping your packaging options green can make a significant difference in the way your audience perceives your brand. Indeed, you need to design your packaging with recycling in mind, working with materials that have no negative impact on the environment.

Additionally, bags should be designed for reuse. In-store customers don’t need another plastic bag. But you can give them a robust and reusable carrier bag that can be brought back in stores for recycling at its end of life.

Making your packaging green, and that includes wrapping papers, will boost your reputation and impress your target audience. 

Packaging is a lot more than the plastic case people tear off their products. It can have a positive impact on your customers’ lives by staging your merch, making their day easier, or simply promoting a sustainable approach. Wrap to wow, not to cover! 

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