Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Holding A Business Event by

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hosting A Business Event

When it comes to marketing, there are so many methods to get your business out there to potential customers. These days, much of what we do is based online and so it’s tempting to want to focus all of your efforts here, but face to face can be so useful for certain kinds of businesses.

  • You get to demonstrate products or services, chat and explain your company and products.
  • You can ask and answer questions and generally get a much better (and more personal) level of interaction
  • Face to face marketing can involve door to door sales, business expos and events- and setting up your own event can be a lot of fun. You could host games, giveaways and competitions to get people excited, you could hire some food vendors and serve food and drinks and get some entertainers to come along too.

People are much more likely to attend a networking event when there’s something in it for them, it doesn’t have to be solely about business- it can be fun too. Here are some ideas to consider when you’re hosting your business event.

Where will the event be held?

First things first, decide where the event will be held, this depends on lots of factors. If you have a large business premises then you could hold it here, otherwise consider hiring out a function or event room. Consider the size and location, it should be big enough for everyone as well as being an easy place for everyone to find.

  • If you’re planning on hosting during the warmer months, you could even consider doing it outdoors; serve up some barbeque food, cold drinks and even have a bouncy castle set up to keep children occupied and encourage families to come down. 

Who will you invite?

How will you get your event out there and let people know what’s going on?

  • If you have contacts from previous events, you could invite them to let them know what’s happening and give them a chance to find out more about your business. They might inform others in turn and bring other interested companies. You could promote across social media or use posters, billboards and leaflets in the local areas.

When you’re creating an event, you want as many potential customers and clients to be attending as possible. It makes it more worthwhile for you, as it’s more people that will hear about your business and the more chance you’ll make connections with clients. 

What other companies will you get involved?

Inviting other non- competing companies to your event could be a smart move and benefit you both.

  • For example, food stalls, photo booth companies and entertainment companies will all do a great job at attracting people to the event and will make it feel like less of a boring formal business event. They get the opportunity to earn some money, and you get the added benefit of them bringing in extra custom for you.

Companies that offer raffles, competitions, prizes for things like cars and holidays can make the event much more fun than a boring presentation and something that people will remember and enjoy. Using event planners to get the details right and ensure your day runs smoothly is also a good idea. 

While people are having a good time, you can approach them and chat about your products, hand out marketing materials and collect things like email addresses. It’s a fun, informal way to generate hype around your business. 

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