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Combining HR And Customer Experience For Further Success

Human resources is not just about ensuring everyone within the company is happy and ready to give it their all. You also have to consider the needs of your clients and customers. Some people may not recognize the customer experience to be the responsibility of HR. Still, in a time where business operations are more fluid than they have ever been, it’s something that everybody needs to think about. 

The experiences of the customer are what helps give your company the reputation it needs for sustainability and further growth. Without a superb experience, you risk losing business, which can be difficult to recover from. It is the backbone of a successful business, and with every industry more sophisticated, competitive, and demanding than ever before, you have to ensure your experiences are the best around. 

Make Them Feel Valuable

Everyone wants to feel valuable, whether it’s in life, relationships, or business. You can improve your customer experience during meetings, time in the store, and also after they have left. 

During meetings, it’s imperative to listen – and show you are listening – to everything they say. It’s easy enough to nod along and give affirmations every once in a while, but you must show that you value their time as much as they do yours. In the store, your front-line operatives should be happy to help with all queries and offer support whenever the customer needs it, whether they have made that clear or not. This is basic customer service, but too few companies recognize the importance of customer value. 

As for after they have left, you can demonstrate your appreciation for their time by following up, clarifying concerns, and even sending something as thanks for meeting with you. One way to do this is to look into packaging solutions that personalize the gifts catered to them. 

By delivering these gifts, you let the customer know that they are a valued part of the company, which will drive them to return. If you look after the customer, they, in turn, will look after you, which will help boost growth and reputation that brings in more business. 

The Experience Is Everybody’s Responsibility

To ensure the experience is the same throughout from the entrance to exit, it’s the responsibility of everybody to contribute. Putting the responsibility on everyone means there will be no avoidance or shirking to guarantee every customer will be treated the same whether they’re talking to the intern bringing them a coffee to meetings with the CEO, who should lead by example. 

Ensuring that everyone is responsible for treating the customer with the respect and time they deserve, you avoid issues later on. It can work through a chain that starts with the boss and ends with whoever is working with the customer. 

Each customer should be treated the same, no matter the reason for them being there. Pushing this attitude, perhaps by having it part of the review process, should be paramount and will help prevent issues that could occur by employees having their attention swayed by assumptions regarding the customer. 

A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

It’s easy to make promises to customers, but it is not so easy to keep them.

A broken promise no matter how small can ruin the customer experience and means that you could potentially lose their business forever. 

With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure that every promise your department makes is one you can keep. By continually delivering on your promises, you will build brand loyalty and increase profits to engage customers further and create more rewarding experiences every single time. 

The same goes for your employees. Broken promises can affect motivation as much as it can affect the customer. With every fulfilled promise, you ensure that your employees go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is treated correctly every time they step through the door. 

More Than One Type Of Intelligence

Through school, it’s drilled into your head that academic intelligence is the only one worth thinking about. As you grow older, you realize that’s a load of nonsense, and it takes all types of intelligence to make up a profitable company with rewarding experiences. 

Emotional intelligence is a crucial factor in this. While you might have coworkers who are the brains behind the operation, you also need those who can empathize with issues your customers may face. 

Being able to listen and discuss problems maturely can minimize the number of complaints your company can face. It’s essential to have this quality for everyone on the front line, but also further up the pyramid.

Sometimes, issues need to be escalated to discussed with the higher ups, so having them understand problems from a human perspective and not a business one can do wonders for easing conflicts. 

Higher emotional intelligence within the workplace also makes it easier for everybody to understand issues that their coworkers face. This can create a healthier company culture and boost productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Customers Are the Culture

Adjusting policies with existing employees is not the easiest thing to do. This isn’t because they are unwilling to change but instead because it’s easy to get into a routine whatever you do, and making wholesale changes can be challenging to adapt to overnight. 

Making it clear during your onboarding process that the customer experience is a cornerstone of the company culture will ensure that everybody coming into the company will understand what they need to do to ensure every customer has the best experience possible.

This will instill the correct attitude in employees from their first day right up until their last. It will also help you recognize which employees are not wholly dedicated to making the customer a top priority, which can help you work out who is the right fit for the business. 

Are You Experienced?

Wonderful customer experiences will make or break the company, so ensuring your HR department can offer the most exceptional experience around, you’ll soon be the leader of the pack and force other companies to catch up with you. As trend setters, you decide what works and what won’t, and this innovation will only drive everybody, including you, to be better, ensuring a superb experience for everybody involved. 

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