Tips For Running Your Restaurant During COVID-19 by

Tips For Running Your Restaurant During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted businesses and industries everywhere, including restaurants and bars. It’s not easy to maneuver and work with the current landscape but it is possible with the right approach and attitude.

Now is the time to step it up and put forth an extra effort and get creative so you can continue to operate your restaurant and survive even the toughest times. Let these ideas help you know where to focus your time, energy, and resources so you can get back up and running in no time.

Communicate with Customers

One tip for running your restaurant during COVID-19 is to communicate with customers regularly and let them know you’re open for business or when you plan to be. Now isn’t the time to make assumptions or disappear. You need to be out there letting customers know what you’re doing to keep everyone safe and your operating hours and procedures.

It’s wise to engage on social media and through your blog since many people are at home and aren’t going out much. You should also plan to update your website with any new information that they’ll need to know when ordering or dining at your restaurant during COVID-19.

Create Plenty of Outdoor Seating

People are still willing to come out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant when they feel safe and are following the guidelines by the health departments. Therefore, you can create plenty of outdoor seating where people are far apart from one another and can breathe easy knowing they’re outside. Set up your space so the tables are distanced from one another and there’s plenty of room to sit and enjoy a meal. You should also contact and work with a Shade Sail manufacturer to ensure you have plenty of shady options if it’s sunny or warm out. Now is the time to focus on what outdoor space you have and to make the best of the situation.

Maintain A Clean & Sanitary Restaurant

You may be able to open your restaurant under new restrictions, depending on where you live. You can run a better restaurant and increase your chances of being successful during COVID-19 by maintaining a clean and sanitary restaurant. It’s wise to improve your cleaning techniques and methods and ensure that you’re following the recommendations that will help keep germs from spreading easily.

Let your customers know what you’re doing differently when it comes to cleanliness so they feel comfortable dining at your restaurant during COVID-19. You can make them aware by using products from Balloon Innovations and display a sign with colorful visuals that grab the customer’s attention when they pass by your restaurant. They’ll not only see you’re open for business but can read a sign about your restaurant and space being clean and sanitary so they feel comfortable entering and dining with you. It’s your job to make them aware that you’re open and ready to serve them based on your new protocols and processes.

Perfect the Takeout Experience

The reality is that there are still going to be many people who prefer to stay at home or areas that have laws in place that people have to stay home. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to perfect the takeout experience at your restaurant. It may be wise to limit your menu options to some of the most popular dishes so you aren’t wasting food. Make sure you’re staffed appropriately so people don’t have to wait a long time for their food to arrive at their homes.

Do what you can to boost morale and keep your employees happy and motivated to work hard. Also, come up with attractive packaging that you can get all types of food to people in a presentable manner without creating a big mess.

Show Your Appreciation

Small gestures will go a long way in helping you to retain repeat customers during COVID-19. A simple thank you over the phone or via email is an excellent way to draw people in and grab their attention. A handwritten thank you note placed with people’s orders is another way to stand apart from the competition.

You may also want to consider including coupons or discounts off of future orders when someone gets takeout from your restaurant during COVID-19. If you baked extra cookies or treats then consider throwing them in with the orders that come in over the weekend to show your appreciation.


While dealing with the changes that COVID-19 has brought to the restaurant business isn’t easy, it is worth trying to work with and around the situation to ensure you can keep your doors open. Maintain a positive attitude and try to use it as a learning experience to improve how you operate and interact with your customers. Now is a good time to reach out and ask for feedback to see how you’re performing and to help you decide where it’s feasible to make changes and improvements to what you’re doing currently.

Work hard but also give yourself some time to adapt and adjust to the new way of having to run your restaurant during uncertain times.

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