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Tools HR departments Can Use To Improve Internal Communication

For any business, good internal communication is vital. Without good communication keeping everyone engaged and moving in the same direction is not possible. Often, it is the HR department that puts together many of a firm’s internal documents.

For example, they will often be responsible for creating a firm’s handbook, contracts and health, and safety documents. They will also sometimes produce customized posters to engage staff and motivate them to change their behaviors.

To be able to carry out this task effectively it is helpful to have access to the following tools:

A good grammar and plagiarism checker

Investing in some professional writing tools is always worth doing. Ideally, you want to buy the best on the market. They will pick up more errors than the free tools will, which will save you time and ensure anything your team writes is as professional as possible. It is hard for someone to take a document seriously that is not clearly written and has errors in it.

So, any tool that makes it easier to spot spelling and grammar errors or plagiarism are well worth buying.

A good image editing package

It is always a good idea to include images whenever possible. Studies show that breaking blocks of texts up in this way makes things easier for the reader.

Surprisingly, they read more of what you have written and can do so a lot faster. It also makes it easier for them to actually remember the message. This is especially the case if the image somehow represents one of the points you are making. Just look at these examples to see what we mean.

When choosing your package, bear in mind that there can be a steep learning curve. It is worth choosing one of the better-known ones because it is relatively easy to find helpful videos and get any technical questions answered via forums. This will help you to get more out of the software and be able to produce what you need without having to turn to a professional designer.

Video making and editing equipment

People love videos. It has become the way many of us consume information. Yet, many workplaces are still not tapping into this medium fully.

There is a tendency for companies to believe that all video produced by a business has to be professional and polished. These kinds of videos are expensive to make, so naturally, a lot of firms choose to only do so when absolutely necessary.

In all likelihood, if you want to update your induction or health and training videos you will need to hire a professional. But, nothing is stopping you from producing in-house videos to announce changes, quickly address an emerging problem or have a bit of fun to lift the spirits of your staff.

Communication training

It is also a good idea to put your HR team and other key personnel through specific communication training. An awful lot of firms still do not do this. You could potentially use this information to put together a short course that you can run internally.

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