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At New To HR we work with a lot of clients from around the world, so incorporating the services of a translation agency within our own customer projects – comes with benefits that would not be realized otherwise, at least in our personal opinion.  For example, translating our company brochures into different languages opened doors to opportunities beyond our current market and into other emerging countries 😉

Here are some of the advantages of incorporating multilingual translation services in your company:

Globalization of your brand
Having your brand’s career website translated to various languages gives your business a global presence.

When readers from all ends of the world read your content in their national language, they get a sense of confidence and trust in your jobs that have been customized to suit them. This can boosts your international consumer levels. (as it has ours)

Creation of localization
A translation agency goes beyond translating your company’s employee handbook and its contents to a different language. It will analyze all the contents of your manual, such as graphics and multimedia components and customize them to suit the target audience.

It is sort of conquering language barriers and giving stakeholders a personalized look at your company and its HR services.

It is a marketing wizard
Multilingual translation services know how to appeal to your customers worldwide, capturing attention by communicating in local languages. They master the target audience’s culture, wants, and needs, and use this knowledge and advanced technology to market your brand to consumers.

Convenience, cost-efficiency, and consistency
Translation services conveniently ease HR of the burden of creating a means of communication with the global market and they usually do this in a quick, easy and cost-effective way.

For example, providing document translation services for the People Operations materials:

  • Compliance documents
  • Workplace safety documents
  • Employee manuals and benefits plans

Also, your translators would be native speakers of the language and would usually be located in that country. Therefore, they would use their experience to create a plans, manuals and documents that are always up-to-date and specific.

HR policies are globalized
You will be able to communicate your policies and procedures to international teams. This means you can easily communicate with your employees in other regions to enhance your internal services to them and collectively to the broader company.

Here at New To HR we truly believe that corporate translation improves your company’s performance and presence on a global scope!

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