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Turn Your Team Into Brand Ambassadors

When you walk into your offices on a Monday morning, chances are, you’re met by a team of people that want to be there, employees that are catching up with one another after a weekend away, employees that are busy making your business a success and employees that are, well, your brand’s biggest behind-the-scenes-cheerleaders.

Knowing this, doesn’t it make sense to let them come out from backstage and turn them into your best brand builders?

Of course. You’re probably thinking this is a bit of a pipe dream but, trust us, there are plenty of ways you can encourage your employees to help grow your brand from the front and not just the shadows.

From spotting their creative passions and talents to giving them a reason to spread the word, there’s a bunch of things you can do.

Read on to find out how your employees can better contribute to your branding efforts and how you can motivate them.

Brand Apparel Is A Winner

If you’ve ever stepped foot on a college campus, you’ll have noticed everyone wears their college apparel. They’re proud of where they are. What you need to do is make that feeling transcend into your office by giving your team awesome looking shirts, hats, sweaters, hoodies, and anything else you can think of. Just make sure you hire a creative designer and never buy cheap.

Give Them A Social Media Say

Chances are, you have a marketing and design team – in-house or not – that creates assets like social media headers and promotional videos and that sort of thing. Well, when they’re done, email them to your employees. You’ll be amazed at how many want to add a branded LinkedIn header image to their profile or want to show what collaborations they’re working on. Your employees will want to show off their company pride and there’s no easy place than online.

Tap Into Their Creativity

Trust us: your brand is definitely bursting with creative energy. The issue is, this creativity tends to go untapped a lot of the time because a person’s position isn’t a creative one.

Change that by spotting their creative talents. Maybe you have an accountant that’s got an eye for design and can help with your labelling solutions, or a salesperson who can write incredible copy.

Tap into your team’s creativity and let their ideas have a say; you never know what you’ll gems you’ll find.

Turn Them Into Content Creators

Every brand should have a team of experienced content creators on their side, but you can bolster this by turning your team into content makers too. Get them involved. Have them write blogs for you. Get them to share their discoveries on your Twitter page. Let each of them take over your Instagram and have them make videos. Content is king. Always. So let their creativity shine.

Your employees worked so hard to become a part of your team, so use that pride to your advantage and boost your branding from the front lines.

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