Two Steps To A Better Backlink Strategy In 2020 by

Two Steps To A Better Backlink Strategy In 2020

As one of the most important elements of digital marketing to implement, backlink strategies can be notoriously difficult to get right. Although backlinking has been an essential component of online marketing for many years, it remains one of those subjects that gets little priority over other, more well known digital marketing strategies. However, with a well-developed backlink strategy, the effect is to complement and enhance your other marketing efforts.

In 2020, a strong backlink strategy is more essential than ever. If you’re updating your marketing goals for the year, here are some areas to be aware of that could see your backlinks acting as the foundation of your business growth.

Step One: The Importance of Guest Blogging

One of the cornerstones for developing more backlinks to your website, guest blogging is widely considered as the most vital component of a backlink strategy. However, it needs to be done correctly, and it will be a time-heavy element.

Guest blogging is ideal for more than just getting a wider audience. Instead, it is a way to build your own website authority. To get this right, you need to:

  • Consider Your Buyer Persona: The first step is to identify those websites that not only want to publish your content but are suitable for your target audience. Your Buyer Personas will prove invaluable at this stage as you formulate your initial list of potential websites to create content for.
  • Gauge Authority: Once you have a list of potential websites, go through them and rank them according to their domain authority. Consider their performance on search engines, as well as their social media reach.
  • Pitch: The goal with guest blogging is to build relationships with the owners of the sites you create content for. Initially, you will need to work on pitching. Keep your pitches short, to the point, and relevant to their niche. Offer value, and your pitch will be more likely to be accepted.
  • Create Content: This will usually be a written article, and that means optimizing it for SEO while providing value to the readers of the website you are writing for. You will not get traffic back to your website if you create content that is either poorly written, irrelevant to the audience, or can’t be found.

Step Two: Blogger Reviews

This is becoming the gold standard of a strong backlink strategy, largely due to the rise of the social media influencer. Popular blogs, websites, and influencers can be high-value backlink resources when managed correctly and can be very effective for those businesses selling a product rather than a service. This type of outreach is becoming increasingly popular and is set to become a major factor for backlinks in 2020. However, like guest blogging, it can take time to identify those bloggers and influencers that will be willing to write a review and promote your product.

One of the most effective ways to improve your blogger review strategy (and your backlink strategy as a whole) is to cut down on the time that you spend on the task and outsource it to digital marketing specialists. Companies like can ensure that your backlinks and your blogger outreach are working for you, without you personally taking the time to build the relationships that are the defining factor of your backlink plan.

Just as with any digital marketing strategy, creating the best backlinks is going to take time to get right. You will need to plan effectively and then implement it in a way that gives you the maximum ROI. However, with backlinks proving to be one of the leading methods for generating website traffic, getting your strategy right could transform your bottom line throughout 2020.

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